Let’s talk about the problem of gun violence.

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[dropcap type=”3″][/dropcap]We hear, it seems, constantly about the crisis of gun violence in the US.  Aside from the fact that damn near everything seems to be a “crisis” these days, let’s take a hard look at the gun violence in the city of Chicago, otherwise known as the murder capital of the US.  We’ve picked Chicago because they seem to be the focus of every discussion about the need for additional gun control, never mind that Chicago has the about most restrictive gun laws in the nation.  We’re looking at the 2011 statistics for gun violence in Chicago, compiled by the Chicago Police Department.

First of all, some perspective is necessary.  To listen to former Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, the nation’s most ardent gun-banner, you’d think that we’re riding a peak of gun violence all across the nation.  That perception is a lie.  We’re looking at Chicago, but the trends in Chicago mirror national trends in every area we are going to discuss.  Here’s an illustrative graphic of the number of murders in the murder capital from 1991 – 2011.

Note the precipitous drop over the last 20 years, the number of murders in Chicago are about half of what they were 20 years ago.

Next, let’s look at how the murder victims were killed.  361 of the 433 murder victims were killed by gunfire, 29 were stabbed, 28 were murdered by assault, and the remainder by other means.  That means about 83% were gunfire victims, 7% were stabbed, and 6% were assaulted.

Here’s where it begins to get interesting.  Remember the “assault weapons” ban?  The hysteria over AR15s and so-called assault rifles.  Given the hysteria, you’d probably assume that about 350 of those 361 murders by gunfire were the result of AR15 wielding maniacs.  You’d be wrong.  Of the 361 murders, one – ONE – was the result of a rifle shot and the study doesn’t say if it was an “assault rifle” or just a run of the mill hunting/target rifle.  That is consistent with national statistics, more people are killed every year with a baseball bat or with fists than with all types of rifles.

Let’s look at motives, why someone was murdered.

Motive Victims
Street Gang 118
Narcotics 29
Retaliation 14
Robbery 36
Undetermined 121

We have no idea why something would be “undetermined” but we think we’re pretty safe in lumping them in with the gang related murders.  About 60% of Chicago’s murders are related to gang activity.

Now we get to the interesting part that nobody wants to talk about, especially President Obama.


75% of murder victims are black.  Blacks make up 36% of the population of Chicago.  They’re probably being murdered by Tea Party racists, right?  Or maybe some white/Hispanics.  Again, you’d be wrong.

70% of murders are committed by blacks and 24% by Hispanics.  Whites are under-represented at 3.5%.

It looks likes we don’t have a “gun violence” problem so much as a problem with black, most young men, murdering black young men.  This, from Rich Lowery at National Review makes the point better than we’ve ever seen.

Overall, according to Chicago magazine, the rate of nonfatal gunshot injury in Chicago was 46.5 per 100,000 from 2006 to 2012. But it was only 1.62 per 100,000 for whites. For blacks, it was 112.83 per 100,000. For black males, 239.77, and for black males aged 18–34, 599.65, or “a staggering one in 200.”

A study by sociologist Andrew Papachristos shows that the shootings overwhelmingly occur among a small network of criminal offenders. One of the alleged shooters over the weekend has 21 prior arrests.

The problem isn’t guns.  The problem is the complete breakdown of family, community, civility, and humanity in the so-called black community.  For that we have The War on Poverty and the absolutely horrendous leadership in the black community.  Barack, Jesse, Al, are you listening?  This mess is yours.

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