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Jon Karl 1, Josh “Doofus” Earnest 0 on press access


We hope, only for the sake of his family, that Josh Earnest is getting paid a boatload of money.  We have seen routine beatings like he takes since Cassius Clay was a heavyweight contender handing out the beating of the week.  We also hope Earnest’s children, assuming he has kids, are too young to see dad getting embarrassed on pretty much a daily basis.

Joshie’s latest pounding comes from Jon Karl, and it’s about Obama’s refusal to open the reception to press access for the Apollo 11 astronauts to the press.

Karl rightly notes that the reason Obama is unavailable is because he’s making the rounds at fundraisers.

Karl :  “Couldn’t he have been maybe five minutes later for the fundraiser out in Seattle? He really couldn’t accommodate a few minutes for open coverage of this?”

Doofus:  “Not this time, Jon.”

Karl :  “I find that explanation, frankly, a little hard to believe given that this is such a small amount of time.  Is it because some of those Apollo astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, was very critical of this president for the way he has handled the space program … saying that the president’s canceling of the Constellation program was lamentably embarrassing and unacceptable. Is that why the president did not want to see television cameras in this photo op?”

Doofus:  “Absolutely not.  The president invited the crew members of Apollo 11 to the White House to honor their contribution to space exploration and innovation in the field of science.”

When pigs fly Josh, when pigs fly.


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