Johnny “Football” Manziel rolling bills in a bathroom doesn’t equal snorting blow

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Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football was photographed this weekend in a Las Vegas bathroom allegedly spinning up a bill.


In case you are wondering if that’s him in the picture since you can’t really see his face, there are other picture that pretty much remove any doubt. You can see that the clothing sure seems to be the same in these pictures that were also taken this weekend while Manziel was hanging out with Playboy model Dallas Nicole or Nicole Dallas (I think it depends on what day of the week it is).

I think says it best:

We won’t speculate on what Manziel planned to do with the money, and there’s no evidence in the photo of any cocaine or other banned substances.  And if anyone knows of any reasons why Manziel would be tightly rolling money in a bathroom, feel free to drop them in the comments.

So please, if you have any other ideas what that bill could be used for, please let us know!


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