Job Creation? We don’t do no stinking job creation!

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Adapted from The Treasure of the Sierra Madres

President Obama talks a lot about a lot of things.  And then he plays a lot of golf.  Or parties.  Or goes on vacation.  Or raises money for Democrats.  When he actually gets around to doing something it’s usually counter to his talk, and today is a great example of that.

Americans’ top concern for the last six plus years has been jobs.  Being able to find a job.  The number of people who are no longer considered part of the workforce, they’re not working and have stopped looking for a job even though they want one, grows by hundreds of thousands of people every month and the number of people actually working isn’t growing in real terms.  The only reason the “unemployment rate” has been dropping is that people have stopped looking for work.

Which brings us to today’s outrage at the White House.

The President is honoring “Champions of Change.”  People who support his agenda, and yesterday he trotted out a group of what the President called “ordinary Americans” who are championing change in the labor market.  You’d probably think that the President is honoring job creators, maybe some small businessmen, people who run family owned companies who have put their money up to build a business and create jobs for their neighbors.  You might think that because of all the times the President has “pivoted” his agenda to “job creation.”  You might think that, but you’d be wrong.

The White House honored several union front groups on Tuesday for their work supporting President Barack Obama’s agenda.

Obama said “ordinary Americans” such as Restaurant Opportunities Center founder Saru Jayaraman and other big labor proponents were “taking action to raise wages for working women and men around the country.”

Labor watchdogs say that the president’s selections for the “Champions of Change” honors are labor agitators, rather than people working to create jobs.

Actually, we’re six years in to the disaster known as the Obama Presidency so you probably figured out where he was going without our help.

Obama’s selections are almost entirely involved in unionization campaigns, according to Saltsman. ROC is a driving force behind the SEIU’s push to organize restaurant workers into unions. Jayaraman has supplied academic and political clout for the movement through a restaurant workers coalition and ROC’s efforts.

“This award is about amplifying the voices of restaurant workers across the country,” Jayaraman said in a statement.

In order to pass this off as positive change, the President has to ignore the Congressional Budget Office who said that the President’s desire for a 40% increase in the minimum wage will cost the US economy – American workers – one million jobs.  The so-called “living wage” that the SEIU and Jayaraman are pushing is 50% higher that Obama’s minimum and the CBO hasn’t offered an opinion on that, but you can bet it won’t be adding any jobs.

Some of the other recipients?

The president also selected OUR Walmart representative Bene’t Holmes as a “Champion of Change.” OUR Walmart, a subsidiary of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, has been sanctioned for violating labor law and harassing employees at Walmart locations across the country.

“It’s particularly embarrassing to see members of Fast Food Forward and OUR Walmart honored. These barely concealed fronts for the SEIU and UFCW, best known for outrageous tactics designed to demonize employers and disrupt businesses operations, are deserving of scorn rather than a White House ceremony,” Michael Saltsman, research director for the Employment Policies Institute, said.

The people receiving these awards from the White House, and the White House are destructive fools.  They think business is one dimensional and that business owners will just pay higher prices mandated by the government and their union friends.  Of course, since none of these fools has ever actually run a business, let alone put up their own money to start one, that’s the conclusion we’d expect.  In the real world though, here’s what’s going to happen.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are prototype machines that add the sauce of your choice, lettuce, onions, pickles, tomato and other condiments, to order and cook the burger on a toasted bun at 300 burgers per hour.

Then there’s touch screen ordering.

Double the cost of labor and innovation is right there.  The minimum wage for cooks, servers, and order takers just became zero and millions more are out of the workforce because they’re low skilled workers even though many have a college degree in [Worthless] Studies.

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