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Jeff Sessions Stands Against Amnesty: It’s Lonely – Help Him Today!


Jeff Sessions, one of the only senators willing to speak the truth about illegal immigration, takes John Boehner’s latest version of the Gang of Eight’s immigration amnesty offering to President Obama apart.

The border crisis is the direct and predictable result of the President’s sustained policies undermining America’s immigration laws.

The President’s continued determination to carry out this nullification remains the singular obstacle in the way of restoring lawfulness. It is therefore odd that the House working group did not mention President Obama even once in their released findings. Indeed, they made no mention of the President’s threat of sweeping new executive actions. Multiple reports indicate that these imminent actions are likely to take the form of administrative amnesty and work permits for 5-6 million illegal immigrants. Any attempt at improving the border situation would be rendered utterly void if the President follows through on his dramatic nullification acts. How can Congress ignore this brewing constitutional crisis? In fact, granting the President new funds without tackling these orders would be an institutional surrender to the planned illegality.

Let’s not mince words, John Boehner is the President’s point boy on amnesty.  The US Chamber of Commerce has his soul locked in a vault along with those of John McCain, Lamar Alexander, Jeff Flake, Jeb Bush, and a host of pro-amnesty Senators and Reps.  Does Boehner speak for the base of the Republican Party?  He should ask Eric Cantor.

So, what specifically is wrong with Boehner’s bill and why does it seem to insure not only amnesty for those illegal aliens already here, but continue to encourage the flood coming from Mexico and Central America?

“The document also appears to cement the idea that anyone who shows up unlawfully at our border is presumptively entitled to an asylum hearing in the United States,” Sessions said. “This cannot be so. We cannot allow unjustified claims of asylum to overwhelm our system. Also, because the working group does not explicitly demand a narrowing of the conditions for asylum, the end result of their plan may paradoxically be that more illegal immigrants are eventually granted asylum—enticing even greater numbers to arrive on the promise of speedy grants of lawful status.”

Remember this when you hear politicians blathering on about how great Boehner’s bill is.  Call your Representative, tell him or her to vote NO on Boehner’s immigration farce.  You can join by calling your representatives at (202) 224-3121.  If you don’t know your Rep, or you’d like to call directly to their office, go HERE, type in your address and you’ll get the info you need.

Your calls can make a difference.  Yesterday, the Capitol Hill switchboard melted down with calls from people like you urging their Representatives to stop amnesty.

And Senator Sessions, thank you for your steadfast service.



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