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Being President is Tough; Being Incompetent Doesn’t Help


Being President has tons of perks.  Like being able to play golf any time you want to.  Like going on vacation and not having to pay for it, any time you want.  If you’re a Democrat, you get absolute cover from the press.  There’s more, but you get the idea.  There’s also a fundamental problem being President when you’re just not very bright and you’re incompetent.  There comes a time when even the press can’t cover for you anymore.

President Obama got a pass running up to the 2012 elections.  He wasn’t held accountable for Fast & Furious and the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.  He got a pass on the terrorist attack in Benghazi that cost the lives of a US ambassador and three other US citizens.  He got a pass on the worst recovery in history and the fact that there are fewer Americans working today than when he took office.  He got a pass on the fact that his foreign policy is a raging disaster and the world is a significantly more dangerous place than when he took office.

It looks like the days of “Get out of jail FREE” cards may be just about over for President Obama though.

Anderson Robbins and Shaw & Company did a poll for Fox News the results don’t reflect well on the President.  The first thing to know about the poll is that it is Registered Voters not Likely Voters, and typically RV lean much farther to the left than LV.  Here’s the overall polling results.

Obama Poll Total

The president has a 52% disapproval rating.  His all-time worst was in March at 54%.  The interesting note about the two polls, today’s and the March poll, is that today’s poll is 43/35/18 D/R/I while the March poll was 40/34/23.  There is no rational reason to move the sample from Independents to Democrats by five points.  To us, that would indicate that the President is more likely at his all time low point.

Next up, are the issues.  President Obama’s overall numbers look pretty good when you stack them up against his numbers on the most critical issues of the day.

The President is down 10 overall.  On specific issues, he doesn’t ever get that close.  On ObamaCare, the President’s signature issue, he’s down 13.  On the economy, which he keeps touting, he’s down 17.  On foreign policy, an issue he campaigned on with “Smart Diplomacy” he’s down an even 20.  Good job Hillary, good job Jon Cary.  As a side note, this will haunt Hillary Clinton who, if she runs, will peak in the polls on the day she announces.  On immigration, and we should say “amnesty” he’s down 24.  Are you paying attention John Boehner?  Probably not.  And, on the current shooting war in the middle east, he’s down 27.  Another stellar performance for Mr Ketchup Boy!

Not good.

The overly Democrat sample of just-registered not-likely voters also reported President “The Oceans Will Stop Rising” to be dishonest  and untrustworthy, and, they reported that the President’s administration is not transparent by a 40 point margin.  40 points.  Icky.

The President has been faced with low and falling poll numbers before.  What he hasn’t been faced with before is a public that doesn’t agree with his major policies in a big way, and an increasingly hostile press.

This doesn’t bode well for President Obama and the Democrats in general facing the November election.



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