Islamists & Leftists Demand: Israel and Jews Must Surrender!

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Dr. Martin Sherman Expounds Via Strategic Imperatives on the ‘Jew haters from all around the world’ and how Islamists & Leftists Demand: Israel and Jews Must Surrender!
…Commentary by Adina Kutnicki

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{150,000 dead in Syria: no Mustard riots. ISIS murders thousands, no Mustard riots. Jews defend themselves against Hamas terror and all hell breaks lose. Mohammedanism is a mental disorder!}


IT is always gratifying to connect valued contacts in order to serve a common cause. A win-win.

IN this regard, when Tom Trento of TrentoVision (working in concert with Breitbart tv) reached out for this blogger’s assistance, relative to strategic imperatives for Israel – as worldwide frothing at the mouth continues unabated because Israel dares to defend its citizens against a blitzkrieg of relentless missile attacks – it became a top priority to give a shout out to Dr. Martin ShermanHe is, simply put, the “expert among experts” within Israel’s strategic policy making arena. This site dares anyone to counter said (professional) assessment.

{Watch anti-Israel demonstrators commandeer a police car in Germany. Turkish immigrants lead the charge}


THAT being said, the following is the initial exchange, among a flurry of back-and- forths with both parties. Color this blogger “the connector”:

Tom Trento
7/12, 11:25am


Hi Adina, we just launched a daily special report on the war and I need your help!! Check out our first show on Breitbart TV and let’s talk –

Tom Trento with (ex) Rep. Allen West, former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel

CONSEQUENTLY, Dr. Martin Sherman is a featured expert at this site and he is well-known to an increasingly world-wide readership. Sans a scintilla of a doubt he is considered Israel’s leading “intellectual warrior”, generally an oxymoron in terminology. This is the case because a preponderance of Israel’s so-called “intelligentsia” – western academics and civil society elitists are similarly infected – are steeped in moral relativism and leftist groupthink. In this regard, they are mentally incapable of seeing (strategically) from there to here.

IN any case, as a result, his strategic policy center, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, is the only button link at this blog. Moreover, a three-part interview is housed within and it spread like wildfire.   

WITHOUT further ado, at Breitbart tv, re-presenting Dr. Martin Sherman…

OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE-DR. MARTIN SHERMAN’S STRATEGIC POLICY VIDEO INTERVIEW: ON today’s show, Jew-haters from all around the world assemble to preach their “religion of love”, and sing, from “the river to the sea”, as a marching song to destroy Israel….Dr. Martin Sherman explains why the Israeli military policy is illogical and irresponsible. Tom Trento has some words of advice for Prime Minister Netanyahu.The United West and Center for Security Policy present “Operation Protective Edge – An Inside Look: Destroy HAMAS.”

{the pic/links below…also feature Dr. Martin Sherman’s interview…Part One to a several part series…Part Two debuts 7/16}

MOST intrinsically, the following underlying fault-lines must be internalized by Israel’s leaders, in order for them to finally throw off the (besieged-like) albatross around their collective necks:


A core component within the IDF’s military doctrine (though mostly unknown outside its borders) is “havlaga” – ההבלגה‎ –  aka “restraint is strength”. It was designed by none other than Prof Asa Kasher, a leftist professor of philosophy and ethics!

NOW, as any rational high schooler can discern, the restraint of ones soldiers translates into the inability to attain victory. In other words, if strength is derived from “holding ones fire”, is it even conceivable to subdue ones enemy? In effect, how does the IDF break the enemy’s will, thus, forcing them to “agree” to surrender? Essentially, this ill conceived, non-strategic doctrine (even though part of the IDF’s core military code) is why the enemy keeps rearing its head.

CONCOMITANTLY, leave it to Israel’s foremost “intellectual warrior” to decimate what has become a core component of Israel’s “fog of war” via his Jerusalem Post column: The Ruinous results of restraint.



ALONGSIDE the aforementioned ruinous military “strategy” belies the absolute refusal of Israel’s ruling left (be it from the political, legal, media, academic, public diplomacy and overall civil society non-elected realm) to admit defeat in the arena of “land for peace”, under which the perverse, illusory Oslo Peace (Death) Accords was birthed. Ladies and gents, many of us knew that the “peace process” would become nothing but a highly dangerous trap. Illusory. 

AS a matter of historical record, leaders and others (inside and outside Israel’s borders) who persist in said fantasies bear DIRECT responsibility for years of missile attacks on Israel, culminating in Hamas’s (Iranian-supplied) current onslaught. Not only that, similarly, Arafat’s two intifadas (ala Israel’s original Oslo “peace partner”…and PA/Fatah’s Abbas, his prote’ge’, is planning a third) were a direct outgrowth of the same delusional and malignant “process”. Demonstrably, this latest round of war crimes from Hamas is a build up, a culmination, of all the “peace” overtures and “ceasefires” (when brokered with terror orgs they are a violation of international law!) from Oslo’s brayers within Israel’s midst. Outside too. Unfathomable. Unforgivable.

IN a very tangible realm, as is said in Israel, sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, leftist Orwellian concepts (aka “the conceptzia”) mandate a post-mortem within Israel’s civil society venues. As a result of said burying, it will free up political leaders to enact long overdue Zionist-focused strategic policy imperatives. Naturally, those tasked to monitor (and develop) IDF military precepts will have no other option, but to reverse the twisted, victory-averse doctrine of “havlaga”. Significantly, all of the above will finally free Israel’s leaders from their mental shackles and allow them to attain a clearly defined outcome; a surrender (white flag, if you will) from whichever enemy dares to raise its sword against the Jewish nation of Israel.

ALAS, it is the left’s poisonous fruits which aid in fueling the conflict, gifting unabated oxygen to Israel’s foes. Effectively, the “gift that keeps giving”, by restraining the hands of the leadership and tying them into constrictive knots.

INHERENTLY, either the leadership buries the left’s doctrines or their policies will bury the nation. A sustainable middle ground does not exist, when it comes to squashing the will of those hell bent on a genocidal war. Simple as that.


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