ISIS Using Chemical Weapons, Kurds Say

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Remember those WMDs, the “weapons of mass destruction” for which the press eviscerated President Bush because they allegedly didn’t exist?

Recall how ISIS, the al-Qaida-linked Islamist army that is conquering Iraq while our president dithers, was able to find within days what we were told the U.S. military, the American press and the Left in general couldn’t find with years of “searching”?

wmdIn late June, ISIS walked right into Saddam Hussein’s former Muthanna chemical weapons manufacturing plant, which according to U.N. weapons inspectors and other Western officials had been destroyed by 2004. They found stockpiles of chemical weapons — those same “nonexistent” WMDs. The plant had been used to produce mustard gas, sarin and VX nerve agent.

But when ISIS did that, we were reassured by White House officials that whatever materials were found were old, unstable  and unusable. Plus they were locked in bunkers. Little mention was made of the fact that among ISIS’ ranks were people with U.S. training in the handling of chemical weapons.

So isn’t it interesting, after all that’s been said and done, that now Kurdish fighting forces are claiming that ISIS is using chemical weapons against them?

A translated report from the Kurdish Firat News said in part, “It has been proved (by medical examiners) that the ISIS gangs have used chemical weapons. Doctors found burns and white dots on the bodies of the martyrs.”

That same report also noted that ISIS was using U.S. missiles against Kurdish forces, which have arisen to oppose the ISIS army after Iraqi defense units either retreated or were killed.

Kurdish officials said they hadn’t identified what chemicals were being used, only that marks on the victims’ bodies were consistent with chemical attacks.

I’m curious to see the White House reaction to the news that ISIS is now using chemical weapons. It wasn’t that long ago that President Obama was ready to go to war in Syria over alleged use of chemical weapons.

Fortunately, nobody wanted to follow the Peace Prize president at that time, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin pulled the rug out from under Obama’s feet by coming up with a nonmilitary solution.


The situation in Iraq right now, and the U.S.’s non-involvement, is clarified by ISIS’ connections to the “rebels” that have been keeping Syria in a state of war for years. Those rebels have been funded, provisioned and supplied with fighters by Obama, at first surreptitiously, now openly.

For a president touted by the Left as not being the “warmonger” they claim President Bush was, Obama’s name comes up with surprising regularity in the Middle East, usually in connection with questions like “What does the U.S. think it’s doing? Why is Obama turning his back on friends and aiding our enemies?”

Even if he had nothing directly to do with ISIS easily finding Saddam’s WMD stores and possibly using them against the Kurds, Obama’s continued complacency as Iraq falls dishonors the sacrifices of so many of our veterans and war dead.

His continued assistance to our Islamist enemies dishonors the country and his oath of office.

The Nobel Peace Prize on his mantle never meant much, but it’s looking mighty dusty and rusty these days.




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