White House SpokesWeasel Can’t Say if Border is Secure?

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At a press conference, White House SpokesWeasel Joshua Earnest couldn’t answer a simple question about the border..

White House Press Correspondent Ed Henry from Fox News had the audacity to ask Earnest if the White House agreed with Senate Majority Leader for the Moment, Harry Reid.  Reid said earlier this week that “the border is secure.”

Here’s Washington Bob on that subject.

Got that?

Earnest refused to give Henry a straight answer, opting instead to attack Republicans for “playing politics with a very serious situation” by “saying it’s not secure and blocking a piece of legislation,” referring to the current U.S. Senate immigration reform package stalled at the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

Earnest insisted “under the president’s leadership there has been “significant resources” dedicated to securing the border and added, “The president is certainly supportive additional security being added to the border.”

The President is supportive of additional security?  Where’s the National Guard?  Where are the Marines?  Why aren’t the illegal alien kids being put on airplanes home or bused back to the entry point and dropped off in Mexico?

We thought Robert Gibbs was bad.  We knew Jay Carney was worse.  This jerk is worse than Baghdad Bob.


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