Internet Troll Getting Ass Kicked by Deontay Wilder Caught on Video

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On Wednesday, 28-year-old undefeated boxer Deontay Wilder got to take a few swings at an Internet troll and stalker who had been harassing him for years.

z2It wasn’t pretty.

Wilder, who has a 31-0 professional record, came face-to-face with Charlie Zelenoff, who amazingly, came into the boxing gym with gloves and shorts after challenging the real boxer to a fight online.

Hat Tip TMZ:

Zelenoff has subjected Wilder to harassing phone calls and personal attacks on social media, including racial slurs and insults directed at the boxer’s daughter, who suffers from spina bifida, a debilitating condition that affects the spinal cord. Eventually, the Internet troll decided to challenge Wilder to an actual fight, which Wilder accepted on Wednesday night at the Hollywood Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, California.


Initially, Zelenoff confronted Wilder in a boxing ring, throwing a sucker punch before the pro fighter had fully stepped onto the mat. But when Wilder countered Zelenoff’s punch with a vicious hook, the Internet troll fled the ring and ran out a nearby door.

When Zelenoff returned to the area, he and Wilder faced off on the wooden floor next to the gym’s boxing ring. Wilder dominated the encounter; after a few hard punches, Zelenoff fell to the floor and said the fight was over.


“It’s gonna stop,” Wilder told Zelenoff. “Don’t you ever call me a n—– again. Don’t you ever say you’re going to tape my daughter.”

zDespite the beating he endured at Wilder’s hands, Zelenoff continued to hurl insults at the boxer. “I could’ve knocked you out outside,” he said. “I’m the best, I’m still the best.” Zelenoff then ran from the building…

The idiot still claims he’s superior – just like all trolls…


The rest of the details are HERE:



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