Independence Day

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I wrote this one last year, I don’t see anything here that I feel the need to change. Things have not gotten better, only worse. I cant remember a time in my life that we have seen so many scandals taking place in the government all at once. Obama has now alienated himself so much from both parties of Congress that it is obvious he is going to get nothing accomplished over the next two years…nothing legal that is. He seems to have the idea that he is now a dictator. Even after getting smacked down by the Supreme Court, he vows more executive actions. Congress is so divided, it is obvious they are not going to get anything done, neither good or bad, just nothing.

So where does that leave us? A country without an effective government.

Today, July 4th 2014, I once again declare my independence as a free American. I will continue to follow the oath I swore to the Constitution and will not recognize any law or regulation that violates it.

It was my freedom that my ancestors had in mind when they built this country, and yes Mr. Obama, they DID build that, they fought and died for it. It is freedom for my Grandchildren that I stand for today.

The rest of this piece is from last year, but still holds true.

I have often heard it said that the most dangerous thing in the world is a man with nothing left to lose. I have often thought about that over the last year, but now I am wondering, what if an entire nation of citizens has nothing left to lose. We have an administration that is obviously corrupt at every level. We have a federal government that has grown so big it cannot be controlled. We have a president who spends millions upon millions of dollars each year on personal luxuries for himself and his family at a time when we are 17 trillion dollars in debt. We have the IRS not only violating the rights of the citizens but spending millions of taxpayer dollars on pornography, prostitutes, drinking parties, spa treatments and pedicures, all completely unchecked. We have a justice department that wastes resources doing things like following very law abiding citizens like myself and my family around, and making no secret about it, while allowing people like Jaime Fox to go on national TV and incite millions of people to riot if a trial does not turn out like they want it to and yet they don’t give that a second thought. We have a congress in the process of implementing things that are going to truly be the death of this country, things like amnesty for illegal aliens and Obamacare…we will not survive that. I say congress in general, but to the leaders from South Carolina and Texas I say, thank you, keep up the fight but I fear there simply aren’t enough of you.

So where does that leave us? A country spiraling downward and a citizenry with absolutely nothing left to lose. Where does the answer lie? As with most things, it can be found in history, it lies with 56 brave men, who on this day in 1776 committed the act of treason by signing the declaration of independence. They simply refused to continue to recognize the sovereignty of Great Britain over the American colonies, and then they went to war to back it up…The birth of a great nation. As a result, the face of the world was changed forever.

Following in that great tradition, on this day, July 4th 2013, I am declaring MY independence. I will longer recognize Obama as the president of the United States. I will not recognize nor obey any laws or policies that are in violation of the constitution of the United States. I will not recognize or accept any people who have entered this country criminally, no matter what laws are passed. I will not take part in Obamacare. I will not accept any people who pose a direct threat to me or my fellow citizens, even if it is under the name of a religion such as Islam. I will no longer accept the violation of the rights of the citizens by any law enforcement officers, whether they be local, state or federal, these practices must end now.

I have also heard it said that freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. I am, and shall remain a free citizen of the United States of America, either that, or I shall die trying, after all, what do I have to lose?

Perhaps I will be the only one who will stand up and make this declaration. Perhaps the rest of the country is just plain too scared, I don’t know. I would like to remind you, however, that it was less than five percent of the population of the colonies who fought for and won their freedom from one of the most powerful nations in the world.



Will you stand up and join me? Will you sit back and watch? Will you stand against me? Will you just cower in the corner until it’s all over? The choice is completely up to you. As for me, I am NOT afraid to stand alone.

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