Illegal Immigration: Destroying Schools One District at a Time [VIDEO]

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Illegal immigration is destroying not just the fabric of our nation, it’s destroying the very foundation of our nation.  Public schools, and we’re not friends of public education, are at the point of the spear when it comes to the destructive impact of allowing illegals to flood into the US.

Illegals aliens bring their children, so-called DREAMERs, into the country, and thanks to Democrats, we require that schools accept every child in their district without regard to the immigration status of the child or the family.  Like their parents, these illegal alien children can’t speak English, and are uneducated in their home language.  That means that tremendous resources must be used to “mainstream” these kids into the classroom.  That does two things.

First, it takes resources away from kids who are, and whose families are, US citizens.  For the most part, these families pay the taxes to run the schools and their kids are getting robbed of any chance of a decent education by the flood of illegals taking up classroom resources.  Second, it slows down the learning process for the entire class, because these kids can’t be just put into a special needs classroom until they’re able to keep up, because that might “scar them.”  Rather than call attention to the fact that they have no business in a regular classroom, educators mainstream them and slow down the whole class.

What’s the impact on your city or town?  We would guess it’s a lot like the impact on Lynn, Massachusetts, or it will be shortly since the Obama administration is busily relocating the flood to random towns in red states.

Lynn, MA Mayor Judith Kennedy (R) said that she received “no notice” before over 200 illegal immigrant children were sent to her town in a phone conversation on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Wednesday.  “I have had to increase my school department budget 9.3 percent and have had to cut all of my other city budgets between 2 percent and 5 percent to make up for the influx of the unaccompanied children.” Kennedy stated.

Remember this story, it’s coming to your neighborhood.  President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is moving these illegal aliens into your neighborhood with no notice.  You can expect your schools to be overrun, if you offer any kind of public assistance to low income families, you can expect your welfare budget to skyrocket as well.

We would urge you to contact your Senator and Representative today.  Tell them to seal the border and to stop relocating illegal aliens to the interior of the nation where they’ll soon be forgotten and it’s likely they’ll end up on President Obama’s AmnestyWishlist.


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