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Facebook Double Standards Are Standard Anti-Semitism


Facebook is a progressive, anti-Semetic sewer.

Two days ago a group put up a Facebook page called IDFofIsrael, it was an IDF fan page – we reported on it – and had some great pictures designed to raise the morale of IDF troops fighting to keep Israel safe and free.  Here’s a typical example.

We think that picture makes a great point.  Or two.

Anyway, sure as the sun comes up in the East, the anti-Semetic left and the terrorists went to work.  They flooded Facebook with complaints.  It makes sense when you expect your women to look like this…

or this…

Anyway, the Friends of IDF page came down and it’s still down.

On the other hand, some folks – and likely the same folks who complained about the IDF page – put up a real gem.  It was titled:

Death to zionst baby killer israeli jews.

Note that “zionst” should be “Zionist,” “israeli” should be “Israeli,” and “jews” should be “Jews.”  Even our spellchecker knows that.  Nice sentiment, huh?  Needless to say, some people complained to the Man Behind the Curtain at Facebook, and here was their response…

Nice.  No hate speech or symbols and doesn’t violate Facebook’s community standards.  They did eventually take the page down.  EVENTUALLY.  Now, every time you go onto Facebook, remember who you are dealing with.



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