Hoodwinked by the Hoodlum from Chicago

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Dead men do tell tales, as evidenced by the powerful influence coming from radical Saul Alinsky, dead and buried in Illinois since 1972. His strategies to “transform” America from the inside out, are alive and well and guiding politics through ardent Democrat followers living in Washington, D.C. Our current president taught community organizing workshops based on Alinsky’s methods. Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton’s college thesis celebrated Alinsky’s philosophy and achievements.)


Alinsky’s moral character is revealed in his “Rules for Radicals” book dedicated to Lucifer whom he praised as . . . “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

The “Godfather of Community Organizing,” Alinsky crafted techniques for unions and left-wing/progressive/socialist groups to gain control through any internal means that destroy our system of government. Although his disciples claim to be helping the “commoners,” every crisis they create has one purpose only: to empower themselves politically and diminish the rights of everyone else.

You may not be aware of Alinsky techniques at work in America. Consider this. Can you think of any government sponsored programs that are sold as “being good for us,” but, in truth, control our lives? Hmmm. How about the Affordable Care Act, Veterans healthcare, and Moochelle Obama’s healthy school lunches . . . for starters? FYI: These programs are failures.

Currently, the most visible, Alinsky-inspired crisis guarantees to “overwhelm the system” with the flood of illegal alien children and adults flooding across our southern borders.

Don’cha wonder if “overwhelm the border” is nothing more than an elaborate smoke screen to push through “comprehensive” immigration reform (meaning amnesty)? Duh! What’s the bottom line? Dramatically alter the demographics to influence future national elections. Duh!

Guess what? America’s Fundraiser-in-Chief claims that a measly $3.7 Billion dollars will resolve the problem his policies have created. Who takes the blame? Republicans who refuse to cooperate in his “beefed up” version of an earlier “comprehensive” immigration reform bill, designed to sell America down the Rio Grande River.

The president claims he needs money to set up new detention facilities, conduct more aerial surveillance, and hire immigration judges and Border Patrol agents. Congressional leaders are being urged to “act expeditiously” on his request. Haven’t you noticed how everything “Obama” in nature is presented in crisis mode, ala Alinsky?

So, how will the $3.7 Billion dollars really truly be spent?

Find out more about Obama’s plans by reading the full article at TheBlaze. 

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