Hillary Clinton Reveals She’s Pro-GMO…Her Supporters Go Ape.

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Hillary_GMO 2 Many Republicans, conservatives and political pundits have been wondering what could possibly derail the Hillary train. Could it be Benghazi? Could it be her pathetic and condescending attempt to portray herself and her philandering husband as “not well off”? Could it be the discovery that she boasted about her successful defense of a child rapist who she knew was guilty? NO!

It turns out that the issue that may well cause Hillary Clinton the most trouble is her support for GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), which are found in many of the foods that we eat. GMOs are basically a form of genetic engineering of plants that aims to increase the nutrient value in certain foods or make crops more resistant to insects or drought. As of now, genetically engineered animal products are not allowed in the U.S., but the plant-based GMO’s have been controversial enough, particularly among the “organic, crunchy-granola” types, who cite potential health risks. Many who oppose GMOs are on the liberal side of the political spectrum. So, it was pretty amusing when the “Ready for Hillary” Facebook page blew up with people claiming they were withdrawing their support upon their discovery that she is pro-GMO.

Apparently, these “former” Hillary zombies failed to see if there was any water in the pool before they dove in head first, because both Bill and Hillary Clinton have ties to Monsanto that go all the way back to the Rose Law Firm. Monsanto is one of the largest agrochemical companies in the United States. An article from The Motley Fool states that GMOs are “as closely associated with Monsanto as ‘IRS’ is with taxes”, and it is probably hated by many on the left as much as the IRS is by many on the right. In fact, possibly the only names that are more likely to draw the ire of the left are “George W. Bush” and “the evil Koch brothers.”

The Clintons have been advocates for years, including putting Monsanto attorney, Michael Taylor in charge of the FDA during the Clinton presidency. Before Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, a group called “Rural Americans for Hillary” formed to give the appearance that Clinton’s base of support was partially made up of small family farmers, and what is more American than that? It was soon found out that the group was largely made up of Monsanto lobbyists. In October of 2013, Monsanto announced that it was partnering with the Clinton Global Initiative to launch the “Commitment to Action on Honeybee Health.” Doesn’t that sound warm and fuzzy, like something every granola-cruncher would support? Considering that Monsanto is a chemical company, could it be that their pesticides are a large part of what is dooming the honeybee and they are using this CGI action as a cover? That is just my own speculation, but I have learned that nothing is as it seems with the Clintons.

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The point is not to bore you with a discussion of GMOs, but to expose the mindlessness of the average Hillary Clinton supporter. For example, if the issue of genetically modified organisms is so important to some of these people that they are willing to jump ship, why didn’t they research her stance before supporting her? It is a good reminder to all of us, regardless of our political persuasion, to determine what issues we would consider to be “deal-breakers” and find out where the candidates that we support stand on those issues.

Finally, I am not saying that food safety is not important, but the outrage over Hillary Clinton’s support of GMOs is nothing but penny-ante bullshit when you consider that we had an American ambassador murdered and dragged through the streets of Benghazi because Clinton thought that the terrorists of Ansar al Sharia would make a good security detail. But “what difference does it make” to a moronic moonbat whose only concern is genetically engineered corn?

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With all the reasons to oppose Hillary Clinton, I do not understand why the issue of GMOs was the tipping point for so many. Time will tell if they actually pull their support, but if that is the cause that brings her down, so be it.

If GMOs are to Hillary Clinton’s political career as tax evasion was to Al Capone’s mobster gig, who am I to complain?


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