Obama Admin Caught Lying About Knowledge of VA Backlogs [Video]

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The VA had patient backlogs in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected President.  He knew about the backlogs and he was outraged… Or so he says:

… That was then, and this is now.

Today we’ve got not just backlogs, but we’ve got VA administrators who are keeping off-the-books lists of veterans who need treatment and are keeping them hidden so their backlog numbers look good and they can collect their bonuses.

The head of the VA hospital in Phoenix killed 40 vets with her list, but she did collect a $9,300 bonus for her trouble.  We’re hoping she does prison time, we want the state of Arizona to investigate and charge her with negligent homicide.  40 counts.

How in the world could a culture like that have come about?  Well, keeping in mind that President Obama has been talking about wait-listing vets since 2007, let’s listen to Jay Carney.

So, the administration’s spokesweasel has the gall to stand up and say that the President first learned about the problem from the news media? We want to be fair to the President.  Really.  There are only two possibilities here:

First, the President acted on his words, repeated multiple times since 2007, to fix the VA scheduling problem and his administration just didn’t find out about the off-the-books lists until it was reported.

The second possibility is that Jay Carney was lying through his teeth and the President, and his administration, knew about it and chose to do nothing.


In either case, may they rot in Hell. Period.

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