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Hey “President Gutsy Call”…Remember This Guy?!


News came out today that illegal immigrants are demanding to be represented at the White House during any further meetings regarding immigration policy. Given President Obama’s desire to bestow all the benefits of American citizens on these people, I would be surprised if he didn’t cave to their absurd demands.

tamNews was also released today, “below the fold”, that Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the US Marine who has been languishing in a Mexican prison since March and dealing with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, has used up his entire life savings in his effort to be released. Tahmooressi accidentally entered Mexico from California with three guns in his possession. The firearms were legal in the U.S., but not in Mexico. If convicted, Tahmooressi faces up to 21 years in prison; but according to his mother, Jill Tahmooressi, he’ll return home penniless even if he’s released tomorrow.

Andrew Tahmooressi had managed to put away $65,000 of the money he had earned while he was serving his country in that armpit of the world known as Afghanistan. His savings have been completely depleted, largely due to attorneys fees.

So, while illegal aliens demand representation at the White House, this piss poor excuse for a President can’t be bothered with the plight of an American Marine who has spent months trapped in a country that has been bleeding the U.S. taxpayers for years. In fact, Obama had his second phone conversation with the Mexican president just last week, and the good sergeant’s name was never mentioned! This is OUTRAGEOUS!! A dead possum in the road displays more guts than this pathetic clown…and its stench is less offensive.

While an American serviceman rots in a hell hole in Mexico, amid reports of abuse, the most soulless, degenerate bastard that has ever taken the oath of office hits the parties and fundraisers, costs the taxpayers millions for extravagant vacations, and spends the rest of his time on the golf course. When President Gutsy Call does manage to put himself out there for someone besides himself, he advocates for criminal invaders, Hamas terrorists, and traitorous deserters!

It is absolutely unconscionable that a United States Marine who has served his country with honor should be abandoned by an Administration that pledged to leave no one behind. It is up to us to help Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi recoup his money. A website has been set up to help raise awareness of Tahmooressi’s situation and defray the costs associated with his case. Screw buying a hamburger and fries and give that money to the Andrew Tahmooressi fund. He was willing to sacrifice all for us. Throwing a few bucks his way is the least we can do for him.

As for you, Barry Soetoro, you are truly a stain on this nation. You are by far, the worst Commander in Chief in the history of the United States of America…BAR NONE!

May God bless and keep our country, and may God bless and keep Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. #BringHomeOurMarine

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