Hey Obama Voters: Elections Have Consequences

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The voters in solid blue Maryland are just discovering that their overwhelming vote for Barack Obama comes with a price: President Obama carried Maryland by 25% in both elections.

Some Maryland residents may be rethinking that vote right now.

Maryland residents have none other than their lonely Republican Congressman to thank for the transparency in this attempt to put hundreds or thousands of illegal aliens who are very likely carrying communicable diseases in their midst.

Maryland Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley said illegal immigrant children flooding across the border should be considered “refugees” and all be given asylum status, but after Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) publicized the federal government’s last-minute plans to sneak illegal immigrant children into Maryland, there was considerable blowback. HHS backed off, citing things like insufficient access to drinking water at the facility.

Access to drinking water my foot.  They’re backing off because the local residents, who, interestingly enough, wouldn’t likely vote Republican this November anyway, are putting their foot down.

[Rep. Andy] Harris also acknowledged that until the message gets sent clearly that illegal immigrant children will not be given amnesty or be allowed to remain in the country for years, billions of dollars in more government spending will not solve what he called an “emergency” at the border.

We’ve seen the good folks in Murietta, California turn back DHS busses multiple times and they’ve been threatened with DHS riot police.  They didn’t back down.

The government – the Obama administration – knows full well that it’s relatively easy to get people to show up in the middle of the day to support their policies and it gives an overwhelming impression on the 6 o’clock news.  They can get turnout because their side doesn’t have much to do during the day, they don’t work.  Hard working Americans who oppose their policies typically can’t take time off from their jobs so it’s easy to make it look like they’ve got lots of support.

President Obama may just have gone too far with this little charade he’s running to open a door to amnesty.  They’re doing nothing to stop the flood of illegal aliens and once in the country, they’re being spread all over the nation.  We seen comments by immigration judges that it will be at least three years before most of these aliens get a hearing.  In the meantime, US taxpayers will be paying $6,000 per month per alien to house them.  At the end of the line, immigration lawyers will note that these “children” have become acclimated to US schools and life in the US and it would be inhumane to send them back to their third-world countries.


Right now though, US citizens are getting ready to pay a new price for their support of Obama.  They don’t seem to have noticed the jobless recovery, inflation in the supermarket and at the gas pump, and the world in a complete mess now that President Obama has the US hiding under our proverbial bed.  They are going to notice this mess though.

A high school in one of the nation’s top sanctuary counties for illegal immigrants confirmed that a student was infected with tuberculosis last week.

Watkins Mill High School in Gaithersburg, which is in Montgomery Country, Maryland, “sent a letter home to parents Thursday” about the infected student.

One of the top sanctuary counties in the nation.  Here’s hoping the Centers for Disease Control come in and wall off the county.  Nobody in or out, everybody confined to their homes.  Marylanders, you deserve no less.

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