Hey Florida! Remember when you voted for ObamaCare? [VIDEO]

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And don’t kid yourselves, a vote for Obama WAS a vote for ObamaCare.  Twice.

That’s why we’re enjoying today’s headline.

Florida’s Largest Obamacare Insurer: Rate Hikes Coming In 2015

floridaThe bottom line is really simple, and it’s probably coming to your state too:

The administration “estimated” that 40% of those who enrolled in ObamaCare plans would be under 34.  In other words, the healthy part of the population   Guess what?  Nationally, the magic number is 28%, but the President says 28% is just fine.

What he didn’t tell you is that your tax dollars will make up the difference for the insurers.  In Florida, the situation is even worse.

Florida’s Obamacare exchange has unsurprisingly attracted an older, less healthy customer based than the company expected. Florida Blue, the state’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield affiliate, has signed up a third of Florida’s Obamacare exchange customers, but only 23 percent of them were “young invincibles” between the ages of 18 and 34.

Which means…

Florida Blue hasn’t released its premium proposals for 2015, but it has submitted a rate request to state regulators for approval. Humana proposed a 14.1 percent average hike for its Obamacare customers in HMO plans…

Florida Blue is the largest insurer, and therefore, the most exposed.  Humana, with less exposure is proposing 14.1% increases.  If you’re a Florida Blue customer, you can expect to have less food on your table next year.  Enjoy your ObamaCare diet, you voted for it.  And while we’re at it, you might want to remember this little gem.


Actually, we think the President was talking about your food bill.  “My friends, you can have the security of health care for your family and after paying your ObamaCare premium, your food bill will have to be less than your cell phone bill.”  It’s really the President working with Mrs. Obama to make sure you fat people go on a damn diet.

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