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Here’s what’s really going on in Texas with illegal immigration


Here’s Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas, and the guy who’s going to beat Wendy Davis to a bloody pulp at the polls in November, talking about the crisis that President Obama’s immigration policy is causing along the southern border.  If you don’t live in a southern border state, never fear, the President’s policies as executed by Homeland Security will be bringing it to you.  DHS is busily spending all the tax dollars they can find to relocate the illegal alien border surge to YOUR city.

Illegal Immigration will overwhelm schools with illegal aliens who can’t speak English but who are assured an “education” by the federal government.  Your state welfare rolls will be overwhelmed by single women with children who can’t support themselves and it will be a “humanitarian crisis” that US taxpayers will have to pay for.  As we’ve said previously, we believe this is the President’s plan, and unlike the ObamaCare roll out, this plan is working perfectly.

As for AG Abbott’s too kind note about the President and the administration all of a sudden “talking tough” about deporting the people currently surging over the border, with all respect to AG Abbott, it’s nothing but talk, and we should have seen enough by now to understand that when the President is talking, he’s lying.

Keep in mind that while yesterday the administration was all talk about deportations, even to the point of asking – well, talking about asking – Congress for money to speed the deportation process, the day before that the President was speaking to base of his party and promised that he was going to “go big” on unilateral orders that would move us toward amnesty.

Which one of those statements do you think he plans to honor?



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