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The immigration crisis was recently referred to as Obama’s “Katrina Moment” after he refused Gov. Rick Perry’s invitation to visit the border during a fundraising swing through Texas. If this debacle can be compared to a hurricane, are we at Category 5 yet?

I recently had the opportunity to speak with prominent national filmmaker, Chris Burgard, who just returned from the border. Just as The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore goes to the beach to document an approaching storm, Burgard went to the border to record what could potentially become a “perfect storm” toward America’s destruction.

chrisChris Burgard is the owner of Little Bonanza Productions and the creator of the award-winning 2007 documentary, Border, which documented the U.S. southern border issues of nine years ago.

He is trying to produce a sequel with the new footage, called Back to the Border.

During our conversation, Burgard stressed that, as a dad, his priority is the future of his own children. He quickly added, however, that when he saw the wave of kids flooding into the country–kids who are currently being exploited by the drug cartels, “coyotes” and American politicians–he was compelled to return. He told me that the border has become much worse since his last visit, stating, “After nine years, dots are being connected that scare the heck out of me.”

While discussions of President Obama’s foreign policy involve countries like Iraq, Syria, Israel and Ukraine, the illegal immigration meltdown is just as much a foreign policy issue as it is a domestic one. We have various Islamic artifacts being found at the border, and we know how they feel about the “Great Satan”, but Burgard noted that we also have a narcoterror war occurring at our back door. The Russian mafia as well as the Chinese have also maintained a presence in Mexico and Central America, with China being the world’s largest supplier of ephedrine. In fact, there are so many illegals from China coming across that there are now border signs posted that include Mandarin, along with English and Spanish. Chris told me that the members of gangs and drug cartels who cross our border number in the “10s of thousands” and as long as they have no criminal record in the U.S., they are allowed to stay, regardless of what kind of crimes they may have committed in their home countries.

The drug trade coming out of Mexico is so lucrative that it reaches states as far north as Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and Burgard contends that some of the violence that has overtaken Chicago can be directly linked to the Mexican drug cartels. He also maintained an objective respect for the people who run these networks, saying that they displayed such intelligence and savvy in the way they have been able to elude the authorities, expand their territory, and increase their profits by millions. In fact, it was just reported that smugglers have been using drain pipes between the Rio Grande and Laredo, TX, as entryways into the United States. Imagine the benefit to the economies in their countries of origin if these people chose to apply their energy and intelligence to legitimate business enterprises back home? There would be no need for the migration.

The same article notes that Border Patrol agents claim that their agency forbids them from following traffickers or illegal aliens into the subterranean criminal safe havens” and this is where much of the frustration lies. I asked Chris Burgard, given everything he has witnessed, if there was anything that truly surprised him. He told me that the Border Patrol revealed to him that they are not being given enough ammunition to engage in practice drills. If the Department of Homeland Security has been cornering the market on ammo, why aren’t they giving our border agents a plentiful supply?

Burgard was also surprised by the amount of traffic that has increased since his first visit to the border, saying, “When I made the first movie, we had to go looking for them. This time they found us”. He reported that during his most recent trip, fresh footprints were found outside his living quarters, flashlight beams shone into his window at night and SUV tracks were discovered.

The coyotes knew they were there and the coyotes were watching.

Burgard also says that the ranchers have noticed an increase in gang traffic, as well. They are the ones who have to live with this invasion on a daily basis. I asked him if Gov. Perry’s deployment of 1000 National Guard troops to the border was going to make a difference. He believes that it is a good move, as the ranchers say that it provides them with more safety; for that reason alone, they should be deployed.

Look, these ranchers are average Americans just like any of us, and if we do not quell this invasion soon, we will all find fresh footprints around our houses. It won’t just be a problem that the ranchers have to deal with. While our “representatives”, and I use that term loosely, use these immigrant kids as pawns in political chess games, it should also be remembered that many of these children are carrying diseases that could end up in schools across the country starting this fall.

Burgard, (who used to work for Herman Cain’s 2012 presidential campaign and has produced several “viral” videos along with my good friends over at FourTier Strategies), told me that he tries to affect the popular culture through humor. In this case, a healthy fear that is based upon fact can be a powerful motivator.

Chris Burgard says, “We are at a crossroads in American history that has to be documented”. Many conservatives have stated that Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, America, is a must-see. Back to the Border is at least as important, if not more so. Burgard’s goal is to raise $1 million to produce this movie. If a film about Kermit Gosnell can be crowd-funded to the tune of over $2.25 million, then surely we can raise half that much for Back to the Border.

Burgard was informed by the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition that if there was the political will in Washington, they could shut down the border in 72 hours. It is OUR job to instill that will…and any legislator who votes on “comprehensive immigration reform” before seeing this film should be voted out of office.

Chris Burgard told me “This movie will get made if it is in God’s plan to get it made”. Say a prayer for our country and throw in a few bucks. Let’s get this done!

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