For Wendy Davis voters talk is all that matters

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We’ve long held that Progressives aren’t very bright.  They pay no attention to reality and don’t care about anything but talk.  Our current President is the shining example of that, he was a “Community Organizer” with no accomplishments, a junior State Senator who couldn’t muster the courage to vote AYE or NAY on controversial issues like whether a baby who survived an abortion should receive medical care, and a US Senator who took up space.  Progressives couldn’t wait to vote for him because he could read a speech well from his TelePrompTer and because he was an oppressed minority.

That scene is replaying itself in the Texas Governor’s race this year, only we’ve got Wendy Davis standing in for Barack.  She’s a single mom who raised two kids and put herself through Harvard Law School.  Except that she was only a single mom for matter of months, worked as waitress long enough to snag a rich guy who put her through college and then took care of the kids when she ran off to Boston to attend Harvard.  Oh, and he paid for it.  She divorced the bum the day he paid off her last student loan.

And then we’ve got this little gem.

There’s really not much to add.

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