Obama’s War On People: The DOE Mafia vs. CCI

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The Mafia bullies at the Federal Department of Education have just pulled the financial rug from under thousands of people that the current administration has claimed that they want to help. Corinthian Colleges is an established for-profit educational facility that has both on-the-ground and online campuses. Everest Online is affiliated with CCI.

Bully020207A determination was made by the DOE that a financial penalty needed to be leveled against CCI because the DOE keeps a close eye on for-profit colleges, monitoring them to make sure that they achieve an appropriate “financial responsibility” score in order to be eligible for federal funding. Corinthian had been placed under “heightened cash monitoring,” and its revenues have suffered since 2010.

Is this a coincidence? I would say no. I have worked in this field for nearly 20 years and enrollments are down across the board. People don’t have the money to pay for school in an economy as depressed as the U.S. economy is now. The DOE also complained that most jobs created for CCI graduates are part-time jobs only.

Okay, so let me get this straight: This administration created an economic environment which causes nearly everyone and every industry to be strapped for money. They then impose Obamacare requirements that encourage employers to hire part-time employees only. Then they blame the victims of the very situation they have created and shut them down for non-compliance.

The Wall Street Journal on Sunday published an editorial condemning the DOE for its actions against CCI, saying it was “an extraordinary violation of due process…akin to a judge issuing the death penalty while a case is in discovery.”

So this is life in America right now and I am at my wit’s end.

Before the 2008 election, life was good. I used to work 4 part-time jobs teaching online and on-the-ground courses. I had to quit one job because it kicked me up into a higher tax bracket so that it made no sense for me to work that hard. I basically worked that fourth job just to pay the increase in federal income taxes.

Another job, Troy University, gave me and probably hundreds of others the boot due to restructuring to accommodate the sucky economy. I don’t know how many people lost their jobs, but that was a loss of $20,000 a year for me. After 16 years with that institution, I didn’t even get a thank you.

So I still had my other two jobs. I’ve worked, saved and invested wisely and I am lucky for that. I still work part-time for a state college where I’ve worked for close to 20 years. I guess I’m a fixture there so they put up with me.

Corinthian Colleges was my fourth job and I have been with them for around 6 years.

Tom Conaty, Academic Dean for the Everest Paralegal Program, fought for all us by going against the DOE, but eventually, some “agreement” was worked out which involves CCI selling off campuses — what it means, is two things:

(1)Thousands of hard-working taxpayers are going to be thrown out of work. Due directly to this administration’s policies, this hard-working single mom of three college graduates, who has been employed all of her life, who used to work four jobs to support her family, has had 3 of the 4 jobs disappearing. I might be thrown into bankruptcy. It’s terrifying.

(2) Thousands of students who had found a home at CCI will now have their educational progress disrupted. There are roughly 76,000 being served by CCI. These students are some of the most inspirational students I have ever worked with. Many of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds and a sizable number are striving to be the first college graduate in their families. There are single parents, families, grandparents who are parenting their grandchildren, young people who are attempting to achieve success by doing things the right way – good old-fashioned hard work. These are people worthy of great respect and the faculty and staff at CCI always made the student’s success our first priority.

Apparently, the DOE doesn’t feel the same way.

It seems to me that Obama had claimed that he wanted to help these hard-working Americans who were trying to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Instead, the creeping-gradualism of Obama’s policies is throwing more and more United States citizens into an increasingly precarious financial situation. It’s just un-American. It’s worse than that. It’s anti-American, an all-out assault from this administration on the best interests of Americans who want to do something apparently Obama can’t abide by.

– prosper.


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