Dead Children in the Rio Grande: Damn You Politicians

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A Fox News exclusive report by Jana Winter reveals that dead children have been found in and along the banks of the Rio Grande: Commentary by Joe Wurzelbacher.

“… they come over on rafts ferried by “coyotes,” … Many don’t make it across the river… Discoveries of small, lifeless bodies washed up along the riverbank.”

dead children2Damn you Barack Obama.

Damn you and your agenda, your “fundamental change,” your pen, your phone, your golf game and your wife too, while we’re at it.

The blood of these innocent children, drawn to the US border through Mexico – many assaulted, starved, raped and now drowned – are on your hands.

You encouraged them to be rented out to adults who know their odds of getting across the border skyrocket with a child in tow. It’s your actions and inactions that set them on a journey of horrors with a wink and a nod that once they’re here – they can stay. The message is clear.

Imagine a little boy or girl – enduring days and weeks of repulsive, traumatizing, nightmarish abuse and sexual assault at the hands of sociopaths along Mexico’s routes to America. They don’t know why – or perhaps even who – is dragging them relentlessly through a long and deadly gauntlet of shake-downs, abuse, exploitation, pain and intimidation.

While you’re fist-bumping in a yuppie bar and shooting pool with sycophants, you can’t quite hear the last struggling breath from tiny lungs which scream slowly down to a few bubbles in a muddy grave, can you? Still chuckling that phony chuckle?

And for what? Votes? An election? Some money? Some power? Your legacy?

Damn you, evil man. And all who enable you.


Where are you John Boehner? A Republican swept into power by fellow Republicans, who now does nothing about this manufactured and deranged crisis that results in the death of God’s children? Is political power really worth it?

Your House of Representatives has the authority – nay, the duty – to stop this madness. But that would mean ending the plot to get your precious Amnesty finally jammed down the collective throats of Americans, wouldn’t it? So there you sit, pulling on a menthol while a little kid’s head goes under for the last time.

4/8 US-MEXICO-IMMIGRATION    "LEFT BEHINThis entire invasion and ensuing sin against anything resembling decency has been orchestrated, condoned, pushed-along and lied about incessantly – while you do absolutely nothing with the responsibility you’ve been invested with.

It’s about Amnesty and you know it. You and the GOP ruling class, your Chamber of Commerce, your statist cronies with cheap labor, increased profit and higher stock quotes dancing in their heads.

And for what? An election? A majority in the Senate? A cushy, post-Congress gig?

I expect this kind of vile behavior and treatment of young human life as collateral damage from Pelosi, Schumer, the Clintons, Harry Reid and the rest of the Maoist wannabes in their insatiable quest for control of our every movement.

Damn you Boehner. And all who enable you.

dead child2What about the kids that make it? They’re lucky enough to be rented-out to an adult who helps them survive the death trains. Maybe their mom has enough cash to pay the coyotes and pay-off the corrupt Federales along the way?

Will there be someone strong enough to fight off the psychopaths, the pedophilistas, the demented animals lining the trails to America?

Even the kids who make it through the water and into the arms of America; you’re still responsible for their souls – shaken to the core – living and re-living nightmares that are unthinkable and unspeakable.

What kind of adults will they be? We’ve seen what the trauma of combat does to grown men – what about when these kids grow up? What do you care as long as they’re voting correctly?

All of you who have made this possible and continue to disregard the truth of what is obvious to most Americans are going to be judged far more harshly than I do at this moment – and buddy – make no mistake, I am judging you.

You’re not leaders – you’re a bunch of sick, pathetic, cowardly and lying turncoats. Get out of my government and go hang yourself from the nearest tree. I want you to face those dead children and apologize – tonight. Period.

“Fernando” an El Salvadoran child “caught” on the U.S. side at midnight on Saturday told border authorities; “You’re going to be out here a long time.. There are thousands of us…”

… Minus the dead ones washing up on the banks.

Damn you Obama and damn you Republicans. Damn you all to hell.


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