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costcoNEW YORK – Amid a flood of opposition from members, Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti informed WND that the wholesale giant has reversed its decision to remove Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” from its stores.

Galanti told WND that Costco’s corporate headquarters in Issaquah, Washington, instructed local stores that had not yet returned the D’Souza book to the vendor to keep the remaining copies on the shelf.

The book will be reordered from publisher Regnery, he said.

“Frankly, because of all the hoo-rah, some Costco locations have sold more of D’Souza’s book today than they sold in the previous four weeks combined,” he said.

Galanti was referring to the outcry in response to WND’s reporting Monday that Costco had decided July 1 to remove the book “America” just as the companion movie of the same name was hitting theaters.

The book was No. 43 on’s bestseller list when WND’s first story broke  and now sits at the No. 1 spot overall.

“We are bringing it back, not for political reasons, but because the book is now selling well,” Galanti told WND. “We didn’t pull the book on July 1 for political reasons, and we are not putting it back in the stores now for political reasons. We are doing this because we sell merchandise and D’Souza’s book is now selling well.”

D’Souza told WND in an interview, however, that in light of the success of his previous books sold by Costco, the release of the companion movie last week and the book’s strong sales, among other factors, its hard to imagine the reason for pulling the book being anything other than “ideological solidarity with Obama.”

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