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Child Smugglers Threaten Texas Ranchers Along Rio Grande


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More than 180,000 illegal immigrants have crossed into the southern Texas Valley this year through Child Smugglers.

It’s only a matter of time before the contrived border refugee crisis, orchestrated to ram a phony Amnesty bill down the throats of the American taxpayer, becomes violent with vicious child smugglers pitted against ranchers on the U.S. side of the border.

Ranchers along the Rio Grande say immigrant smugglers threaten them constantly.


One Cameron County (Texas) rancher said smugglers ordered him to look the other way or face the consequences. The landowner said smugglers are using trails on his property to bring illegal immigrants into the country. The rancher said he fears for his safety.

“You don’t see anything; you don’t talk to anybody, smugglers stop at nothing to get the immigrants across. They have no problem doing whatever it takes to protect them and their organization,” he said.

“Once they get a hook in you, they got you…”

The man said his only protection is to keep law enforcement on his side.

Border Patrol officials said working with or taking money from smugglers is dangerous and against the law. Those caught cooperating with a smuggler may face federal charges.

Criminals inspired by criminals, protected by criminals and the American public pays.



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