Border Invasion Drives Glenn Beck Crazy; Obama Plays Pool

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This border invasion — and that’s what more than 50,000 illegal aliens, mostly children, since October is — is taking its toll on everybody already here legally.

As the Obama Administration has released hundreds of thousands of aliens in the past year into cities and towns across the country, legal residents are feeling the pinch in terms of crime, packed schools, strained government budgets, stretched public services, crowded streets, etc.

It’s gotten so bad, it’s evidently driven Glenn Beck crazy.

borderRoadThe man who normally is right in front of groups pointing out the dangers of Islamic jihad and the many outrages of the Obama Administration has announced that on July 19 he will be taking a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, toting along teddy bears, soccer balls and hot meals.

Beck said Americans must “open our hearts” to the illegal immigrants whose very presence is a danger to the health and social well-being of Americans.

Hey Glenn: No, we don’t have to “open our hearts.” These are the descendants of Aztecs here. The last guy to open his heart to them was named something like Tletcoloplikettle of Fish, and he was one of thousands of people who ended the day with a gaping chest wound.

While the little kids crossing the border may be innocent pawns, the same cannot be said about the adults, nor about the drug cartels and Reconquista dreamers spurring them on.

And the same definitely cannot be said of Obama Administration officials who should be throwing a plastic bubble around the entire illegal lot, but instead are shipping off potential Typhoid Marias willy-nilly to towns around the country that, more often than not, don’t want them.

Pinal County, Arizaona, Sheriff Paul Babeu told Fox News that Obama Administration officials have been releasing criminals in his jurisdiction, and his officers have arrested convicts who have been deported 10 or 15 times.

“(The federal government) has released dangerous violent criminals right in my county and they refuse to give me the names of these criminals, and that there are cartel scouts … ushering the drugs through all the way up to Phoenix,” Babeu said.

ObamaPoolMeanwhile, what did President Obama do today in Denver? He drank beer and played pool with Gov. John Hickenlooper. The visual in face of a foreign invasion is even driving some Democrats to act against their nature.

“When I saw that, it just really floored me,” said Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas,. “If he’s saying he’s too busy to go down to the border, but you have time to drink a beer, play pool, the optics and the appearance just mean he’s not paying attention to this humanitarian crisis.”

King Putt not paying attention? Allah forfend.

Which raises the point that “refugees” from Central America aren’t the only interlopers making a run for it across the border. Contractor and volunteer patrols trying to cover for the nonfunctioning Border Patrol have turned up a Muslim prayer rug and helped apprehend six “Special Interest Aliens” from Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen in the past two weeks. Interestingly, each one had exactly 60,000 Iraqi Dinars (about $5o) on them.

With threats from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to confront the United States on its own soil, such occurrences should be taken seriously.

Maybe they would be if we had a president who wasn’t occupied with drinking and playing pool.


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