Bergdahl Returning to Active Duty: No Charges Yet

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Not only is Reuters reporting that Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was set to return to regular active duty status as early as Monday, he’s been permitted to venture off base during his recovery treatment at an Army hospital in Texas.

boweSounds like he is being fast-tracked back into the Army he deserted.

Having completed therapy and counseling after five years in captivity in Afghanistan, Bergdahl will reportedly work at the Army North headquarters at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

Army officials say it’s “part of his reintegration into Army life,” and that Bergdahl will even live in barracks with other personnel.

One can only assume those personnel will be hand-picked to go along with this charade and not cause trouble for the Obama Administration – who traded five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world to get Bergdahl back.

To make sure the story goes as outlined, two soldiers will be assigned “to assist” Bergdahl, and at some point he’ll meet with investigators who supposedly are investigating his walking away from his Afghanistan outpost in 2009.

My guess is that theses “investigators” will find some explanation other than desertion for Bergdahl walking away from his fellow soldiers, despite many of them today saying he is a traitor and should be court martial-ed. Some former members of his unit have publicly accused him of deserting his post.

berg2Under military law, desertion carries penalties including possible court-martial, prison time, or even the death penalty. The easiest way out for them is to charge him with being AWOL and then make the determination he was unable to return to his unit.

If they play it that way, a conviction or even being charged with desertion is highly unlikely and a court-martial out of the question. Yet, the “investigators” can hang their hat on the AWOL charges and seem as they’re doing their job. You watch – it will be some joke like this with the desired end result for the Obama Admin.

gitmofive1-300x200Meanwhile – I wonder where those five high-level Taliban terrorists are? They were supposed to be within arm’s reach with the reliable country of Qatar keeping close tabs on them.


Good luck with that as they plot to kill Americans on the battlefield and in America.

We’ll be hit again and would it surprise you that Bergdahl’s name comes up again then? But until, I bet the Army doesn’t find a “smidgeon” of evidence agains him.




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