Amnesty & Tuberculosis: Coming Your Way Soon

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Why does Obama have border patrol agents positioned 45 miles inside the border?BO clinton & Bush

Simple, really: Amnesty.

Illegal alien children from non-contiguous countries (not Mexico or Canada) apprehended inside America must, as per the law signed and amended by Clinton/Bush/Obama, move through an immigration procedure instead of being deported – or turned back – on the spot.

This program involves lawyer$, immigration judge$, and court date$.

Aw.. look at all the little future Democrat voters!

Guess who pays for all of this? We-the-Taxpayers are on the hook, as usual.

Guess how they’re traveling from the border to cities around the country? Some by bus, others on commercial airlines without showing documentation, carrying backpacks and communicable diseases like drug-resistant TB, measles, herpes, and lice.

Guess who doesn’t show up for their court appearance?

The illegal alien children.

Where are they? Nobody knows.

Probably hiding in the shadows waiting for passage of Obama’s “comprehensive” immigration law (meaning amnesty). Then, they’ll show up at schools, hospitals, sign up for welfare, and join the Democrat party.

How did this happen?

molli1Read a follow-the-dots explanation in my column here:

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