American Sexy Now: Jessica Simpson’s Naked Face

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Jessica Simpson celebrated her 34th birthday by taking a selfie without make-up. Why is that newsworthy? She’s not a “real” woman. It’s not news when any woman goes without, is it? Apparently it is.

colbie-caillat-try-videoJessica Simpson and Colbie Caillat are in the news for advocating make-up free beauty.

What’s the big deal?  The big deal is it’s the antithesis of American women who are prominently portrayed on TV as appearance/fashion-conscious-phoney-cat-fighting bitches.

Think “The Real Housewives Of . . .”, “Keeping Up with the Karfashions” and “Toddlers in Tiaras.” I despise all of those shows because lying, bickering, gossiping and preening are not attractive.

jsThe lying, bickering women who aren’t appearance and fashion conscious go to Washington.

They are the same ones who aren’t country or citizen-friendly.Think Clinton, Lerner and Pelosi, who are ugly on the inside, making them nominees for 10 Ugliest Women in Politics.

“This list only contains liberal women because the ugliness it celebrates is all about hate, and liberal women are so very good at it,” the columnist says.

hillary-what-difference-does-it-make-300x156Good, bad or ugly, celebrities are real women whether we non-celebrity women want to admit it or not. Jessica Simpson proved it when she got fat. It was a beautiful thing. It made her one of us.

Then she took off the weight, experiencing the dreaded meal-to-meal self-control required to see results. And the weigh-ins. We rallied around her. Not because she’s Jessica Simpson, but because she seemed flawed at last. She seemed humble. She seemed so un-Hilloisancy.

Colbie Caillat’s video [below] is anti-makeup, anti-photo enhancements, pro love, featuring other real women, who haven’t caused the deaths of Americans overseas, targeted conservative taxpayers, or perpetrated abuses of power.


Watch the video, you’ll see natural beauty, which is sexy. But I’m not giving up my lip gloss just yet.

THBby T.M. Burroughs

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