ACLU Fights Local Laws Against Saggy Pants

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My guy at “Liberty Unyielding” (Love that name!) is Howard Portnoy and he’s got a great piece today on one of my favorite things to ridicule – the spectacle of saggy pants in public.

baggyWho knows where it came from – some say prison, where inmates would let their pants droop to indicate they were available. Did I really just say that? Well, if that isn’t embarrassing to the macho ne’re do-wells running around trying to look tough, I don’t know what is.

But read Howard’s take – it’s worth it:

The origin of the “fashion statement,” if it can be fairly called that, is hard to trace. According to the website A Different State of Black, the trend toward wearing one’s trousers low enough to show off his boxers or briefs may have arisen out of poverty. Another theory holds that flashing three inches of their skivvies originated with hip hop “artists,” though that still leaves open the question of what prompted them to do this.

Regardless, many communities around the country have decreed that showing off your undies should be an act punishable by law:

Two New Jersey beach towns eager to rebuild tourist economies trashed by Superstorm Sandy have passed ordinances banning pants slung so low that underwear can be seen.

In the cities of Wildwood and Penns Grove, which approved bans on saggy pants this summer, the message is clear: Don’t get caught with your pants down. In Wildwood, fines range from $25 to $200.

Similar ordinances have been proposed in suburban cities outside Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami and Jacksonville, Fla. In St. Louis, Alderwoman Marlene Davis called a public hearing this week on a saggy pants ban she wants passed.

“This is not a style,” Davis told a St. Louis newspaper. “This is an absolutely vulgar display of disrespect not only to every human being who has to look at it, but also to themselves. It’s totally out of control.”

Yet, the “low-rider” movement has its fierce defenders…

continue reading at Liberty Unyielding..

As a bonus – Howard has a nifty video on how to properly wear saggy pants! Be hip! Just don’t hop! Your pants might fall all the way down..

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