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5 Politically-Correct Disney Movie Titles


Disney needs a little help becoming politically correct. In fact, a lot of regular people are in need of help. My god, it’s 2014 after all! This article is intended to facilitate the rehabilitation of the politically incorrect among us..

disney2You’ve got to keep up with the times if you want to be politically correct. Your words and actions, if outdated, may be intolerable – and you’ll be labeled as insensitive or racist or male chauvinist..

… Or worse yet, an insensitive racist male chauvinist (IRMC in personal ads).

One thing is for sure, political correctness is definitely era and location specific.

For example, if a woman put her baby in a small straw raft and shoved it down a river today, we would call her an abusive mother.

However, in Egypt 4,000 years ago – she was a doting parent launching the boy’s career as a freedom fighter… but that was then, and this is now:

disneyIf customer service at the inns in Bethlehem had been more community minded 2,014 years ago, weary traveling pregnant women may have been provided a voucher for lodging at a home for wedded mothers and WIC coins.disney3

Also, political correctness has spawned a whole lot of alternative terminology. Orientals are Asian. Handicapped are disabled. Short people are height challenged. Intelligence deprived are blonde. The list goes on.disney4

One of the worst offenders of political incorrectness is Disney. Many movie titles reflect insensitivity toward characters portrayed. Since these characters represent real people in real situations, Disney should reconsider how its movie titles impact impressionable children. (We still call them children, don’t we?)


It’s unlikely that Disney will retroactively make the needed changes. But, with enough pressure from the viewing public, Disney may become more compliant. I suggest organizing a parade to march around Disneyland. While we’re at it, pressure should be applied to force Disney to change the name of that smutty section of the amusement park currently called Fantasy Land.


THBby T.M. Burroughs



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