5 Signs You are an Addicted Internet User

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The entertaining and hi-tech folks at Gadget Cage put together something for people like you and me on “Cool Sundays”: 5 Hilarious Signs to show that you are Highly Addicted User of Computer and Internet.

Quite often, as I’m cruising over quickly to somewhere I’ve never been before, in a town I’ve never heard of – or when I quickly correct some idiot on their claims of who did what and when, because I quickly Googled it, I think to myself; “What the hell did we do before the Internet?”

addictHow did anything get done? What did we do during the day or night – go outside or something? Talk to your neighbors or family? I hear some of my family members are kind of cool – so maybe I should meet some of them. I’m truly addicted to the Internet – are you?

Don’t deny it. I dare you to put it down for even a day. The smart phone, the lap top, the X-box Live – that’s the Internet, you addict.

Check yourself below:


This week we came up with yet another interesting aspect, to test yourself that How Addicted are you to Computer and Internet.

Here are 5 Proved Signs that Confirm that You are Addicted to Computer and Internet

#1. Symptom – 1 (To prove you are a Computer and Internet Addict)

  1. Are you Taking You Computer to Bathroom or Bringing your Bathroom to your Computer?


#2. Symptom – 2 (To prove you are a Computer and Internet Addict)

  1. Are you Unable to minimize your Internet Usage and do you feel that most of your free time which you tend to relax on vacation or spend with your family and friends in getting wasted in front of your computer. Then, you are one who is really dipped into this disorder. Its time for Wake-Up call.
  2. You feel Depressed and show signs of Aggression, Restlessness when you are forced to switch Offline.

#3. Symptom – 3 (To prove you are a Computer and Internet Addict)

  1. You are currently experiencing most Severe Problem that You can Live without Food, Water, Air but not without Computer

… for the rest – continue reading here:

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