The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America – According to Rolling Stone

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Written by Shelley Broadway

You may be surprised to learn which 5 guns where deemed the most dangerous. Deemed so by Kristen Gwynne of Rolling Stone Magazine.

They are as follows:
1) Pistols
2) Revolvers
3) Rifles
4) Shotguns
5) Derringers

If you’re like me, you’re shocked, SHOCKED I say, to your very core!

Screen-Shot-2014-07-15-at-1.55.16-PMFor those who aren’t picking up the sarcasm, let me explain… This is not a list of the 5 most dangerous guns. This is a list of the 5 most common types of guns. And even then, it’s not really accurate.

Kristen Gwynne, and her editor, are the most uniformed and least qualified to be writing such articles. Much less for Rolling Stone magazine. When I found a link to the article I expected to see specific guns and the reasons they were deemed themost dangerous. I was expecting things like “Glock because the only safety is on the trigger” or “AK-47 because it has killed over X number of people”… Something along the lines of this article on the Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns, for example.

But no, what Kristen Gwynne has managed to do is further freak out gun control advocates and fill them with more misinformation. I expect no less from left wing writers and reporters, but Rolling Stone really dropped the ball on this one. I know it’s left leaning as well, but still. This isn’t quality reporting – it’s not even quality reporting of misinformation. The subheading “These are the firearms causing the most harm” and number of typos in the article make it seem like a ten year old wrote it.

The last part of the article says “While high-capacity-magazine assault weapons have bee linked to large numnber of mass shootings over the past 30 years, varying definitions of “assault” rifles make comprehensive information difficult to access. We do know, however, that assault weapons — loosely categorized as semi-automatic, rapid-fire weapons designed for combat use — are used in a small minority of homicides and other gun crimes.” (Copy/Paste errors and all)

The wording here shows the desire the gun grabbers have to make people, who know no better, afraid of guns while – at the same time – pointing out the lunacy of the proposed assault weapon bans. “Rapid-Fire weapons” gives the impression of fully automatic and “Designed for combat use” implies they’re meant for only military. Fact of the matter is that those ‘assault rifles’ are used every day by hunters. (The term ‘assault rifle’ is lunacy anyway. It’s a term coined by Hitler and it makes no sense. ‘Assault’ is an action, a mindset, not a device.)

Another Rolling Stones article title “How the Beat the NRA in 7 (Not So Easy) Steps” is equally frustrating. Under Step 1: Commit to a Generation-Long Battle, the first sentence says “The NRA is engaged in a long war. Americans committed to combating gun violence must be also.”

487091_246681852132273_1197910539_n-copy-2Okay, Newsflash! The NRA and 99.99999999% of gun owners are committed to combating gun violence. It blows my mind (no pun intended) that anti-gunners equate pro-gun with pro-gun violence. I have mentioned it before, but some of the most violent people I’ve run into on the internet are those against gun ownership. (And animal rights activists) I once said as much on a Facebook page called “People Against Gun Violence” and got a rather strange reply.

“If you have children or plan to in the future, I hope you lose one to a maniac with a gun.”

From People Against Gun violence? Really?

For the truth about assault weapons, or for educating your friends, check out this.

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