11 politically incorrect quotes from the Australian who wants to turn America around

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Just in time for Independence Day, Australian author Nick Adams has a new book out titled “The American Boomerang: How the World’s Greatest ‘Turnaround’ Nation Will Do It Again.”

Adams, who was recently a guest on the Glenn Beck program, brings candor, humor, optimism and sharp-tongued wit to his modern-day Tocquevillian work, in seeking to restore America to its rightful place as the leader of the free world.

Below are 11 characteristically entertaining, enlightening and politically incorrect quotes from his new book.

1. The world needs America to be a country of self-reliant warriors, not government-dependent, politically correct pussycats. Leave that to Europe.

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2. Europeans tend to do the “Love thy neighbor” part quite well, you’ve got a better chance of finding a European who doesn’t watch soccer than finding one who goes to church. Instead, they put their hope and trust in the fraud of the multicultural, multi-faith, and humanist state. 

3. When was the last time you heard someone say, “God bless” in Stockholm or Brussels or Amsterdam or Berlin? Instead, it’s “Today’s reading comes from the Gospel of Marx…” Of course, Allah is the exception. Heck, it’s downright unpatriotic not to speak about him all day every day if you live in a Western country.


4. And yet the myth is perpetuated by global elites that no difference exists between Judaism and Islam. It is the difference between symphony orchestras and improvised explosive devices.

5. The war on Christianity is just as real as the war on America. Even if they’re not fully conscious, the Left understand on a visceral level at least that Christianity is at the center of the US exceptionalism web. And it stands in their way. It’s why they spend so much time bashing it.



6. American patriots are undoubtedly committed to the fight against evil in the world. In other countries, there is nothing like a disposable plastic shopping bag or a politically incorrect football team name to get the blood boiling. That’s the moral difference between Right and Left.

7. Coexist is such a ponytail word.


8. Be wary of liberals: they’ve never met a regulation they didn’t like.


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