Why did the Democrats pass ObamaCare???

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Obamacare protestors / APIt’s getting harder to remember why Democrats foisted ObamaCare off on the American people.  Actually, we remember what they said, it’s just getting harder and harder to reconcile what they said with the reality of what is happening.

First, there was, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your plan.”  Then there was, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  Period.”  Followed by, “You’re going to pay $2,500 less than you do now [2008] for your insurance.”

Those O’Promises certainly had expiration dates didn’t they?  Heck, the one thing we’re learning about this President is that ALL of his promises have expiration dates.  That’s why they’re “O’Promises.”

Looks like we just found another O’Promise, this one was about “helping the poor.”  Democrats are all about helping the poor.  And taxing the “rich” to do it.  Greedy rich bastards.  Poor, underprivileged victims.  It’s called “class warfare” and it’s the only kind of war Democrats have ever been willing to fight.  It’s also the kind of war that everybody loses.  If you don’t believe us on that point, just look at the War on Poverty.  Trillions of dollars down the drain and we’ve got more poverty and less real hope of ever getting out of poverty than ever.  Plus the annihilation of the black family and genocide by abortion in the black community.  We use the term “community” loosely, Democrat’s War on Poverty destroyed any real “community” that existed in minority neighborhoods with the War on Poverty.  Call it collateral damage.  And don’t forget who that War was supposed to help.

They’re back at it, this time using ObamaCare as the vehicle.

Roughly one million low-income Americans will pay a fine under Obamacare, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). 

The CBO estimated that four million people would pay the individual mandate penalty for not having health insurance by 2016 as a result of the president’s health care law, according to a report released last week…

A chart accompanying the report revealed that 200,000 of those paying the penalty earn less than 100 percent of the poverty line. An additional 800,000 are considered low-income, earning between 100 and 199 percent of the poverty level.

Who could have seen that coming?  Well, we’ll tell you who could have seen that coming, this is from a debate in 2008.

“You can have a situation, which we are seeing right now in the state of Massachusetts, where people are being fined for not having purchased health care, but choose to accept the fine because they still can’t afford it even with the subsidies,” he said. “They are then worse off, they then have no health care and are paying a fine above and beyond that.”

That would have been candidate Barack Obama debating Hillary Clinton.

So we’re helping the poor.  Somebody should tell that to the poor.


In addition, the report estimated that under Obamacare 30 million Americans will still be uninsured by 2016.

“The central promise of the new health care law was that by bringing down the cost of insurance and making it more affordable, virtually all Americans would have good health insurance at reasonable rates,” said Daniel Garza, executive director of the LIBRE Initiative, a nonprofit organization devoted to economic freedom for Hispanic Americans.

“Instead, 30 million Americans will be uninsured,” he said. “And four million will pay tax penalties for not complying with the law.

“Moreover, this administration has hit a new low by penalizing 200,000 of America’s most needy,” Garza said.

Could it be that some of the President’s most ardent supporters are beginning to see the light?  Maybe, but we seriously doubt that they’ll come to the right conclusion.  They were stupid enough to buy into the lies that sold this bill of goods, we doubt they understand what the real problem is.  That problem?

Government.  And way too much of it.


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