When you’re a Clinton and you’ve lost CNN…

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Hillary Clinton is on a book tour. It’s not going well. It seems Hillary can’t even handle softball questions from friendly reporters. She is so desperate to connect with Americans who are struggling she keeps putting lines out there that instead show just how disconnected she is.

Her first run at connecting with us was the “when we left the White House we were dead broke…” meme. That didn’t go over well.

Now, we’ve got the Hildebeast proclaiming that they’re not “truly well off.” We would note that she and Bill have made $100 million in the last ten years. Your Curmudgeon, before reading this was thinking that we were doing sort of OK. We have to rethink that based on Hillary’s comment. Looks more like we’re dead broke.

Mrs. Clinton must have been surprised to discover that she’s managed to not only kill her book tour, and sales, but she’s even managed to make herself a laughing stock on, of all places, CNN.

We’ve been of the opinion for a long time that Hillary is going nowhere fast in the Presidential sweeps. We’re pretty sure that she will peak on the day she announces and it’s all downhill from there. Her book tour is Exhibit A. She never even got out of the gate with it, her first week sales bombed at about 25% of the publisher’s low side expectations. Fortunately for her, she got a mega-millions advance which she won’t be required to give back even though the publisher will likely never recoup it.

Hillary is most likely going nowhere. But she’ll do it wrapped in fur.

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