The Islamic Revolution – coming to a school near you!

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The Brits are a few years ahead of us in welcoming Muslims into their society.  They’ve been holding their arms wide open to Middle Eastern immigration for a decade or so and they’ve got (as do many European countries) a significant population of Muslims.  They’re also very accommodating to them, in the name of multiculturalism, of course.

This welcoming for their immigrant friends from the Middle East is starting to pay real dividends.  For the Muslims.  Who else?

 Earlier today, various papers reported that inspections into the schools are likely to reveal that students have been denied a “rounded education” by radical staff.

At Park View Academy, inspectors are reported to have found evidence of the omission of parts of the national curriculum deemed “un-Islamic” and the segregation of students by gender.


Labour MP Khalid Mahmood commented: “There has been grooming, by a particular community, a school of thought within Islam, and would possibly lead to extremism … not saying that children at school at the moment are extremist, but certainly they have been groomed in a particular way for that to be made easier at a later stage. That’s what my concerns have been in Birmingham.”

Hey Khalid, it’s not “a particular community” it’s the general population of Muslims who are engendering this.  They’re looking forward to being on the forefront of the next holocaust.

Muslim immigrants coming into Europe have been moving loudly toward forcing their host countries to adopt their customs and culture, to hell with the host.  We’re coming up on the summer season where “poor youths” in Paris riot.  It’s an annual ritual by now, and guess what?  It’s not “poor youths” it’s Muslim youths burning cars, looting, and attacking anybody – especially white French police – who tries to stop them.

It’s coming to a school near you, and the adoption of Common Core will make this kind of indoctrination even easier because federal funding will depend on teaching whatever Washington deem necessary to teach.

Allahu Akbar!

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