Still America??

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All I am hearing and seeing these days is that we are not diverse enough as a country to satisfy all of the different people who now live here. It has always been my belief that we operate on the basic principle that majority rules.

Here are just a few numbers from the most recent census report. 73% of the population is Caucasian. 12% is African American. 12% is Hispanic. Of course these numbers do not reflect those that are illegal, yes I mean illegal not undocumented. If you come into this country without going through legal channels, you are illegal, like the term or not, that’s what you are. The remainder of the population is listed as other non white.

75% of the population claims to be of Christian faith of one denomination or the other.

So now I have a few questions.

Based on these numbers, if you walk into any business or government office and see 10 people working there, at least seven should be white and three should be minority. The last time I was at government office, I saw about 20 people, of which two were white. The person doing the announcing over the intercom had such a heavy foreign accent that we could not understand what she was saying.

Based on these numbers, why am I reading stories about schools closing for Muslim holidays while dropping Veterans Day and Presidents Day; and others saying the pledge of allegiance in Arabic? ¾ of us are white Christians. Why does the majority have to bend to the will of the overwhelming minority?

I am a genealogist and firmly believe that every person should know and take pride in their heritage, no matter what that may be. Keep in mind, that when I say every person, that includes me. I should not be deemed a racist because I am proud of my Scotch-Irish ancestry. We have black history month. That is a good thing. The black people of this country should be proud of their ancestry and thankful for the sacrifice they made in enduring the institution of slavery, otherwise, they would be living in a West African third world country instead of enjoying the freedoms of America. We have Hispanic culture month, again, that is a good thing. These people should be proud of their ancestry, especially those from places like Texas. Their people settled and built that part of the country, something to be very proud of.

So, when is Scotch-Irish history month? After all, the majority of Americans with deep roots prior to 1840 have at least one line of Scotch-Irish in their ancestry. Our people settled and built this country for all of us. Why is it wrong for me to say Merry Christmas? Why should someone be offended when I say that I will pray for them? Once again, let me remind everyone that ¾ of the population are white Christian, we ARE the majority, it is just that simple.

If minorities can stand up and be proud of their heritage, why am I not allowed the same privilege? Every line of my ancestry goes back to Virginia in the 1600s. Does that not make me just as American and just as deserving of the same consideration as those who barely speak English?

The plain and simple fact is, you are living in our Country and should give us the same considerations you are demanding from us.

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