Sheriff Joe Arpaio Doesn’t Take Any BS

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio is labeled as the “Toughest” Sheriff in America.


Because he arrests bad guys and he doesn’t give a damn about “Political Correctness”!

Bad guys = Law breakers

If you are having a cock fight, he will arrest you.

If you are dealing drugs, he will arrest you .

If you are an Illegal, and you come into Arizona, he will arrest you, he has to because the federal government won’t!

Sheriff Joe is in the news again.

Immigration rights groups in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday accused Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio of overstepping his bounds as a local official by using anti-identity theft laws to target undocumented immigrants in workplace raids.

Puente Arizona, an immigrant rights groups, filed the lawsuit in federal court, along with two women who were arrested by Arpaio’s deputies last year and a local minister who contends the sheriff is squandering his tax dollars by conducting the operations.

Why is “Puente Arizona” against arresting ILLEGAL immigrants? Why do they want to protect law breakers? Why do hey hassle a sheriff that is trying to enforce laws that keep America and Americans safe?


Political Correctness is endangering America and has to be stopped.

Does this new law suit worry Sheriff Joe?

Arpaio, in a phone interview, said the lawsuit is frivolous, and that his office has arrested over 800 people in connection with identity theft by employees.

“Identity thieves will not get sanctuary in Maricopa County as long as I am sheriff,” Arpaio said. “This is a very serious crime, identity theft.”

Arpaio said his office does not specifically intend to target illegal immigrants with the operations but that many of those arrested turn out to be undocumented.

Myself, being an avid fisherman, I go where the fish are. Don’t we want our law enforcement officers to go where the criminals are?

or does that make just too much sense?



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