Sandy Beaches, Cold Drinks And A Toilet Plunger?

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ladiesBeing a plumber for many years, you would think I have seen it all… In the trades, you’ll sometimes use your tools in ways you never intended. Meaning, to get the job done sometimes requires a little ingenuity. Well, these ladies took it to a whole new level.

Alabama — List of items to bring on our vacation to Orange Beach: Beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses, beer, ice cooler, toilet plungers, beach chairs.

Wait, what?

Yep, a group of women on vacation from Louisiana brought your typical household toilet plungers on their annual trip to the beach.

But the plungers weren’t used for their primary purpose, rather, said plungers were transformed into beer koozies by the rowdy bunch from north of Baton Rouge.

“Each year we do something and this year we decided to come down with plungers and make creative beer koozies out of them,” said Ellen St. Romain. “And we let people come over and vote on who’s is the best. We’re calling them ploozies.”

lineThe plungers, er, ploozies, attracted plenty of curious onlookers, to be sure. “Very cool,” said Tommy Gomez, 25, from Texas. “Who would’ve thought they (plungers) could be used for this.”

Further down the beach, Martha Bateman from Louisiana was working on a cold beer. “We’re just loving the best part of Alabama, which is Orange Beach,” Bateman shouted. “And Gulf Shores of course.”

I honestly would not be surprised to see these being sold by the sun tan lotion in the near future.

Have a GREAT summer! 🙂

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