Remembering and Missing Ronald Reagan‏

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We lost Ronald Reagan ten years ago today. We miss him and we miss the kind of President we once had.

In the depths of a dangerous national malfunction with gas lines around the block, interest rates above ten percent and American hostages held abroad, he united us as one people and he gave us hope.

When Jimmy Carter complained about our “national malaise”, the “Gipper” told us that we should “stand tall” because our best days were ahead of us.

He was right.

Even with a divided government, he managed to make the highly partisan Speaker of the House, Democrat Tip O’Neill, agree to cut taxes and it brought our economy back to life ..and Americans back to work.

He faced down the Soviet Union with principle, strength and resolve and ended the Cold War.

Ronald Reagan knew he had political opponents here but he did not hold them in contempt or denigrate them. With charm, humor and reason he united all of us as one nation.

This is what the American Presidency once was and Americans were proud. How far have we fallen from Ronald Reagan–the example of a leader who never apologized for being American? A man with genuine affection for his own citizens.

Barack Obama began his Presidency with international visits to apologize for America’s history. He did not mention how we fought to save Europe and then rebuilt it or how we rebuilt vanquished Japan. He never mentioned the brave Americans who died protecting freedom or saving nations or even those we have helped in their times of need from natural disasters.

Obama was, and is, ashamed of America’s history.


Where Ronald Reagan believed in the American people and was always a straight shooter, Barack Obama deliberately deceives time after time. It is the default position of this Administration: talking points that obscure the truth. Susan Rice’s most recent appearances on Sunday talk shows describing Sergeant Bergdahl as serving with “honor and distinction” is just the lastest example of deliberate and shameless dishonesty.

“You can keep your insurance if you like it”, “You can keep your doctor”, “We will cut average family healthcare costs by $2,500 a year”. Bald-faced lie after bald-faced lie have been told again and again and repeated by every Democrat as the plain truth.

This is, sadly, what our Presidency has become–a “bully pulpit” to mislead the American people and the place where this President expresses his contempt for half the nation and more.

Lasting damage is being done to our beloved country with an economic recovery choked by regulations and lawless federal agencies. Our veterans are dying while bureaucrats lie to obtain huge bonuses.Our citizens are being harassed by the powerful IRS for speaking up about the dangerous actions of this Administration. And our Ambassador to Libya and three other courageous Americans were murdered by terrorists but their families and the American people were told a lie to protect the political ambitions of Barack Obama.

It is a record of not just incompetence and a federal bureaucracy run amok but an administration that believes that it can deceive without consequence and blatantly mislead for political gain.

There is only one way to change the course of our great nation and stop the damage.

Every Obama supporter in Congress must be defeated. The Senate must be taken back, the Republican majority in the House must be increased and Barack Obama’s contempt for the Rule of Law and Constitutional checks and balances must be stopped.

Why is this rightly called the “Do-Nothing Congress”? Because bill after bill is shunted to the sidelines in Harry Reid’s Senate. They are not amended, they are not debated, they are not voted on.

Harry Reid and Senate Democrats have made an art of protecting Barack Obama. No passed budgets for years. No legislation to address our worst problems. Harry Reid has protected Barack Obama by rendering the United States legislature irrelevant. 

But the Congress—the legislative branch–was designed to represent the voice of the American people. There is a reason that House elections happen every two years—to ensure that our voice is heard. This is now considered an obsolete nuisance by Obama and Reid. That’s dangerous. They care little for anything except the extreme liberal philosophy they are determined to cram down our throats with Executive Orders and an end to regular legislative deliberations and compromise.

This cannot be allowed to continue without lasting damage to the very fabric of our form of government. And here’s the truth—Obama can’t get away with it once we take the Senate away from every lying, destructive Democrat.

We are sitting on an astounding energy bonanza that can bring back our economy with a boom that has not been seen in decades.We can bring back the sense of self-reliance and pride that once defined the American worker. We can “stand tall” again as Ronald Reagan once promised and predicted but to do so we must get these zealot bumbler’s out of office and prevented from protecting and enabling this worst President in a hundred years.

Here is what Ronald Reagan said and it is more true now than when he said it:

“In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

The Keystone Pipeline awaits us.

The end to ObamaCare’s damage awaits us.

A newly confident Europe (with our natural gas help) who will help us constrain Russia awaits us.

The end of Iran’s ambition (and Obama’s collusion) for a nuclear weapon that will destabilize the Middle East, awaits us.

A bright future for our children, again proud of their country and our opportunities, awaits us.

But we must act and that means we must help every candidate who will stand up to and stop this dangerous drift toward a second-rate America, afraid and ashamed and without direction.

Remember well Ronald Reagan. He united us and led us out of a similarly inept and destructive Presidency.


Ken Hoagland is a long time grassroots organizer who has led campaigns for the FairTax, to repeal ObamaCare and to restore the rightful voice of the American people on public policy. He writes daily at Repeal-It-Now on Facebook.

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