Polyamory and the Destruction of the Traditional Family

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about a trend pertaining to what is being called “poly families.” These are “families” that can be comprised of pretty much any combination of human beings. “Poly families” is a caption derived from the word “polyamory.” Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. 20/20 did a piece on this not too long ago, and I think this portion of the segment nicely sums up the concept:

Rio’s definition of an open marriage was fairly precise, for a 7-year-old: “Your parent or one of your parents is dating a different person that’s not part of your family,” she said.

So I’m giving you all homework. That comes naturally to me because I’m a teacher.

For one week, I want for you to notice how many times you hear or read the word “family.”

Because it’s everywhere. And why?

When happy things happen, who do you want to share the news with? Family. When bad things

happen, who do we reach out to comfort? Family. When a tragedy happens, everyone talks about praying for…the family. It’s instinctual.

What is thicker than water? The blood of your family.

Look at world history – it’s pretty obvious that the family unit is not a cultural accident. But what, we are suddenly so “enlightened” that we had an “oh my gosh” moment and realized that we can make families however we want to? Any combination of people and they are a family. How convenient.

Then the true meaning of the word “family” ceases to exist.

The family structure is so ancient and innate, how can anyone deny that, that is how it’s supposed to be? Think about family and marriage. It is as old as humanity. What does that say? Evolutionists and global warming sycophants are outraged when we dismiss the ridiculous notion that people can control the weather. Well, how can we look at the human existence since…whenever it happened…and not logically and realistically see that traditional marriage and family has been the way it’s been for a gazillion years…so does that not say something about human beings and nature? That maybe we evolved to want to couple up? And procreate? And be faithful?

Have you ever been around a really old couple who have been together forever and are really still in love? Except it’s a richer love. There’s value in making good decisions in choosing a mate, then working to stay with that mate, through, and here’s an old fashioned phrase, “thick and thin.” It’s character building. But it’s also what is best for our children. Children thrive on predictability and stability. Poly families are anything but predictable or stable. I’m sick to death of selfish and immature adults who demand that they be able to do anything that they want without any notion of responsibility towards the children who are thrust into the role of socially experimental guinea pigs.

The family is the fundamental unit of civilization. As the family goes, so goes the community, and as the community goes, so goes the country. Friends and acquaintances come and go, but a true family is a unique unit comprised of people attached by law or blood who are devoted to each other in a way that no other combination of people can be. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s called moral order. It’s good for the members of that family and it’s good for society. To tear it apart so that adults can “have it all” creates chaos and suffering, especially for the children. A healthy society should encourage families to stay together. It’s better that way for everyone involved and the country in general.


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