The Parable of Political Correctness

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Political CorrectnessOnce upon a time in a land called Society, there lived a Mayor Morality and his wife Mrs. Manners. For many, many years Society was happy with their Mayor and his gracious and beautiful wife. Society had its issues but people knew how to behave because they were guided by Morality and Manners.

Then one day a strange man moved into town. He was unkempt and crude. His name was Moral Relativity. He began telling Society that Morality and Manners were keeping Society from having fun and fulfilling their best destiny. He told them that there were other ways to think about things and that Morality and Manners were being oppressive.

So an election was held for Mayor and Moral Relativity won. He didn’t want a rival for his newly one office so he killed Morality and then kidnapped Manners. He tortured her until she lost her mind. Her pronouncements that were once clear and understandable became distorted. She was no longer gracious and became militant. She even gave herself a new name Political Correctness.

But Society became disorganized and people did whatever they wanted to. Murders increased, theft, and all sorts of crime were rampant and people were rude to each other. Society was in disarray and was starting to blame Moral Relativity.

In an effort to maintain his hold on Society, he called upon Political Correctness to try to bring some order to Society. However she had lost her mind and contradicted herself. Society became more and more disorganized.

However, there were some in Society that longed for the days of Morality and Manners. They taught their children to follow the example that Morality and Manners had left.

The moral of the story is if Society hadn’t allowed Moral Relativity in, then Morality wouldn’t be dead and Political Correctness would still be called Manners.

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