Ole’ Obama’s Gunnin’ for GI Joe, E-I-E-I-O.

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Ole’ Obama lives in Phony-ville.


And, in Phony-ville, he has handlers, speech writers, and teleprompters galore to help
spread lies about GI Joe’s VA healthcare.


Ole Obama Graphic #2

With “wait lists” here,

phony-baloney anger there,

here a promised investigation,

there an expected resignation,

and everywhere a’dodging the bullets of blame . . .


Ole’ Obama breaks his VA healthcare promises to GI Joe.



Ole’ Obama lives in Phony-ville.


And, in Phony-ville, when his disdain for GI Joe’s healthcare became obvious,
his handlers launched a campaign to divert blame.


ole obama Graphic #3

With a blame Bush here,

an anger-furrowed brow there,

here a pointed finger,

there a promise to fix the problem pronto,

and everywhere “I’m mad as hell” . . .

Ole’ Obama’s VA healthcare schemes continue to fail GI Joe.

What will happen to GI Joe?

And why has Obama known about the VA healthcare problem since 2007

and done nothing to improve it?

Fine out when you read the full article at THE BLAZE 

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Molli for JoeP.S. Additional political stories are available in my FREE book download, “Uncle SCAM Wants Your Money and Your Country.” Use these stories to begin conversations with the less-aware people in your universe. And, in the meantime, keep the conversations going about the VA problems that hurt and dishonor America’s brave warriors. Don’t allow the progressives to divert attention away from this tragic situation.

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