Obama’s Unlawful Immigration Stinks Like GOP

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amnestkidsThis isn’t your grandfather’s immigration. This ain”t Ellis Island. This is ObamaNation and it stinks.

by Rodney Lee Conover

CNSNews.com reporter Brittany Hughes recently went to the border in McAllen, Texas and offers us her first impression:

When you step foot into the control room at the Patrol station, the first thing that hits you is the smell...”

Barack Obama has not only opened our borders, abdicating his sworn Constitutional duty as President; he’s conspired with nation’s to the South to flood southern States – Texas in particular – with refugees, most of them children. Ms. Hughes eventually gets to go home. These kids have to live in this stench.

amnest5These beautiful, innocent children from Latin countries have made a dangerous trek, thousands of miles on the promise that they will receive the golden ring – U.S. citizenship – and indeed it looks like they will. Barack Obama and his enablers in the GOP establishment have effectively begun the Amnesty they’ve been threatening since George W. Bush and last legislative attempt in 2007.

That effort was beaten back by an engaged and informed American public. Amnesty was bad for this nation under Reagan in 1987 and it’s bad now.

These new Republicans with their Chamber of Commerce, Big Ag, Zuck’s and other financiers – salivating at the prospect of suppressed wages for the next 50 years – are doing the unthinkable:

amnest1No more Separation of Powers. No more legislation. No more Constitution. No more law. None needed.

Obama has shown the Republicans the way..


Here come the “refugees” and their friends, families, neighbors, countrymen, associates, escorts, cousins, second-cousins, off-spring and tens of millions of other unskilled, low-wage, illiterate, undocumented future Democrat voters.

They’re on the way with their hands out and they’ll slip right into your pocket, courtesy of some slick ObamaGrease. Can you blame them? Even with ObamaCare, 8% unemployment (18%?), $20 trillion in debt, $4.00 gas and the most crooked Congress in the history of the nation – it’s still far better than where they came. And look at what the GOP has brilliantly come up with: A solution that *SURPRISE* doesn’t require legislation!

According to Reuters, they’re calling on the Obama administration to launch an “emergency refugee program” for Central American children to address the rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis at the Texas border with Mexico. Children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are showing up illegally, and their numbers could reach 90,000 this year – perhaps 150,000 – according to government estimates.

Doesn’t that mean there will be around 2 million?

After making the dangerous journey with the help of human and drug traffickers who prey upon them, this rush of children and teenagers are straining U.S. resources, from temporary shelters to immigration courts.

amnest2John McCain told Reuters that establishing refugee application programs in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, where domestic abuse, gang violence and poverty are rampant, is the “key” to defusing the growing U.S. border crisis.

… Yo – Senator McCain – how about turning the “key” on the “lock” on the “fence” along the border you were supposed to build a few decades ago? But I digress..

Daily Caller reports that  Lindsey Graham – who, like McCain, backs immigration reform – is considering the idea of an emergency program as well. “We’d be able to make a more intelligent decision about what’s legitimate and you wouldn’t have the problem of people showing up, dropped off at the door – that makes sense to me.”

You know what makes sense to me, Senator Graham? A two-drink maximum in the Senate.

“I think it’s something we need to discuss,” U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat, told Reuters. “You don’t need legislation to do that.”

I find that statement shocking and outrageous for two reasons: First, this Representative believes they can do this without legislation – in other words, without regard to the Constitution and the citizens of the United States, and secondly: There’s someone in Congress named, “Zoe”…

Of course  this could all be solved by … wait for it: SECURING THE BORDER!!! But McCain, Graham, Boehner, Lofgren, Zuck’s and all of ’em know that.

Meanwhile, back at the Texas border – here’s life for the “refugees” from Brittany Hughes at CNSNews.com:

illegal, alien, immigration

An illegal alien child drinks from a plastic bottle behind a security fence door inside a bus depot/housing facility in McAllen, Texas. (Photo: CNSNews.com)

Hovering somewhere between urine and unwashed humanity, the air is thick and hot. The sound inside the circular, glass-enclosed control room is like that of a beehive, humming with the noise of hundreds of voices mixed with buzzers and footsteps.

“This is where we do the processing,” the border patrol agent tells us. Most of the visible faces belong to young children or teens; the adults are usually clustered in the back or tending to toddlers and infants.

The McAllen station is authorized for 380 people, he explains. It’s currently housing more than 1,100. They won’t let us in the sally port – the “folks in Washington” require a scheduled visit for that, they tell us. But they say we can stand outside the locked gates at the bus entrance and look.

I’ve been outside for all of thirty seconds, but sweat is already starting to bead on my neck by the time I approach the gate to peer inside. If the scene inside the station’s control room is bad, the view into the sally port is appalling.

At first, there doesn’t appear to be a floor. Then I realize that’s only because I can barely see it through the mass of bodies strewn across the massive space. There are people everywhere – lying down, standing, sitting, stepping over others in a strained attempt to move around.

amnest4zYou’ve been sold out by the McCain’s, the Boehner’s, the McCantorthy’s, the LaTourette’s, the Ryan’s… Amnesty is here and there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing!

Even if 2014 is a Tsunami of Republican victory, so what? Where is the evidence a Republican majority in the Senate will do anything to stop Amnesty?

When have Republicans lifted a finger to stop the President when he writes and rewrites legislation, in clear violation of the Separation of Powers or when he selectively enforces the law?

Why would you think Republicans – who clearly want Amnesty – will do anything to stop it if they have majorities in both houses of Congress? If anything, it will make Amnesty easier for Republicans to sneak through.

They love this guy, Obama. They’re not mad because he spent all those trillions – they’re mad because the money didn’t go to their cronies! They’re not upset because Obama acts unilaterally like a Fascist dictator – they’re in awe! Republicans LOVE big government and if you disagree, give me one example where they’ve gotten rid of a single piece of it.

I know what you’re thinking: “Hey Rodney Lee, you big blowhard – what’s your solution?”

The short answer is: There is none, sorry. It’s over. Amnesty is a done deal and I don’t care what you do. ObamaCare? Done. Amnesty? Done. Conservative voters? They clearly do not care. Eric Cantor got his pointy ass handed to him and they really got the message didn’t they?

Replaced him with that hard-core, right-wing, conservative-to-the-stars, Tea-Party’n Kevin McCarthy!! Wow – that tilted the GOP establishment so far to the right I think they may just fall into the Atlantic next. Jesus-tits, could you get a Republican a little more to the left next time? I don’t know – Kevin McCarthy, he must have a Heritage score in double-digits, right?


That’s some sarcasm there on KM, for some of you retards on the California Republican Assembly Facebook page.

Conservatives and people on TV who call yourselves conservatives: I gotta get some cooperation here – we gotta move on to the next battle. You lost these two (ObamaCare, Amnesty) when you didn’t primary enough House GOP sell-outs because, … uh, you didn’t want to? Or something? How did that go again?

“Oh, we need to focus on beating Democrats, not good Republicans like Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell and Paul Cook.. bla bla bla Republican Senate majority bla bla…” (see what I did there?)

You myopic fool. What are you, new? You know who I’m talking to.

Hope you enjoy your Cochran, your Boehner, your Blakeman, your Graham, your Ryan, your ObamaCare and your Amnesty. Now: Let’s get busy on the next big losing conservative cause. Getting rid of Common Core, or whatevs.

In fact, pick anything Jeb Bush is for and let’s have at it…

EPILOGUE: In 376 AD, a large band of Gothic refugees arrives at the Empire’s Danube frontier, asking for asylum. In a complete break with established Roman policy, they were allowed in, unsubdued. They revolted, and within two years had defeated and killed the emperor Valens–the one who had received them.


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