ObamaCare will save you $2,500 on your health insurance

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That’s right, ObamaCare is going to save you $2,500 every year on your health insurance.  You can count on that because the President made a promise.

Let’s see just how that’s working out.

Most employers expect Obamacare to hike their health insurance costs and are responding by boosting their workers’ share of the cost, according to a Wednesday survey.

Eighty-eight percent of companies expect Obamacare itself to increase the cost over providing health care to employees, according to a study by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans which questioned close to 700 human resources and health benefits professionals.

So far, 54 percent of businesses think Obamacare’s effect on their company has been either somewhat or very negative; 66 percent expect Obamacare to effect them negatively in the future.

We’re sure everyone is shocked to discover that by nationalizing health care, costs have gone up.  And will continue to go up.  ObamaCare defenders will never address the fact that costs have increased and everything you needed to know to understand that would happen was known in 2007.  One of the things they’ll tell you is that the coverage for ObamaCare is “vastly improved” over the lousy plans greedy insurers were foisting on their customers pre-ObamaCare.  We can tell you, The Curmudgeon household is just pickled tink that we’ve got coverage for free birth control and that our minor kids have dental coverage.  Of course our youngest is 29, and if you do the math, you’ll likely come to the conclusion that free birth control isn’t a real high priority in our household budget.

We, like the shrinking number of Americans who work, have our health insurance through our employer.  The cost of that insurance has gone up about 40% in the last three years and the actual coverage is significantly worse.  But never fear, we’re expecting that to change!  We’d bet the farm that next year it will be more expensive with less coverage.

A third of companies reported that they’re upping out-of-pocket limits for their employees’ health coverage — an often-overlooked component of health care plans that can prevent budget-crunched customers from actually using their health insurance.

Thirty percent of companies reported increasing their employees’ share of premium costs; 30 percent are boosting their in-network deductibles for employee health plans; 24 percent are upping co-payments or co-insurance for primary care physicians. Another 20 percent are increasing the employee cost of providing health insurance to employees’ dependents and yet another 19 percent are increasing the share of prescription drug costs that their workers pay themselves.

Keep in mind that the full force of ObamaCare hasn’t hit the fan yet.  The so-called “Cadillac Tax” on expensive health plans doesn’t kick in until 2018, and the employer mandate that requires all businesses with 50 or more employees to offer health insurance to their employees kicks in in 2016.  The mandate is the backbone of ObamaCare and even it’s supporters have come to realize that it’s an economy killer.

Bottom line, watch out for the Republican Establishment to start talking about “fixing” ObamaCare.  The reason they’ll want to fix it rather than end it is that the President and his Plantation Democrats made sure that every low income voter they could find got “free” or greatly subsidized health care.  They’ve had a steady drum beat for the last five years to get the non-productive part of our society on a new entitlement so that the political cost of ending it will be more than the spineless (hello John Boehner) can bear.  Kind of like letting tens of thousands of illegal alien unaccompanied kids cross the border.  Eric Cantor is going to want to legalize them.  And, of course, their families.

You need to be holding your Congressman and your Senator’s feet to the fire.  Repeal ObamaCare while the health care system is still fixable, because in another five years it’s going to look like Britain’s National Health Service.


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