Obama to Unilaterally Enact Amnesty After Cantor Loss

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immigration-9Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), the biggest proponent of open borders in Congress, says the defeat of Republican Eric Cantor means President Obama needs to move forward with immigration “reform” unilaterally – in other words – Amnesty by executive order.

From Brietbart

“Let me just say one thing. The calendar hasn’t changed. That’s one thing that is consistent in Washington D.C. and that is the calendar. And they have to make a decision. Whether they’re going to oppose sensible immigration reform or whether they’re going to double down, sharpen their knives in their anti-Obama rhetoric,” Gutierrez, who had just spoken on the House floor, said.

“But one thing is clear to me: Immigration reform is not dead. The Republican leadership has not made a decision about how its going to proceed,” he added. “Now there are dozens of my colleagues in the Republican caucus who want to work with Democrats on a sensible, border enforcement, legalization process to fix our broken immigration system. They have the decision to make, I would simply say.”

“It’s not dead, it may just be moving to the White House for action there,” Gutierrez declared. “I believe the president has within existing law the power to take action to protect the immigrant community, and I think he will take those actions.”

“If we don’t see anything by July the 4th there won’t be any action [in the House] on immigration. My point is it may simply be moving,” Gutierrez said.

I for one, am really glad. So much better than the Republicans doing it.

The battlelines are much more clearly drawn this way if Obama does it by executive order. Now, if Republicans don’t do anything to stop him – we can throw the rest of the GOP establishment out with Cantor.



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