Obama’s Child Border Scheme – Media Blackout?

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media prohibited border President Obama’s border scheme to allow illegal immigrants from Central America into the U.S. by the tens of thousands has a new twist:

Media outlets have been prohibited from reporting news coverage of the crisis.

A remote section of the Texas-Mexico border near the Anzalduas International Bridge is one location of mass crossings by minors coming from Central America where the U.S. Border Patrol is now restricting journalists’ access, citing safety concerns.

But even the Border Patrol agents aren’t convinced that is the reason. Why? Because the order most likely came from Washington.

The latest from Breitbart Texas

Border Patrol management is restricting information leaking to the public by threatening possible criminal charges against agents who spoke to media.


[The NBPC Local 3307 union representative,] Albert Spratte told Breitbart Texas that the Border Patrol agents are being placed under immense pressure in the crisis and that they have to follow their orders from above. He said, “A supervisor in the Border Patrol can’t just put out a policy, it has to come from above them in the chain, maybe even as high up as Washington.”


“I think the folks in Washington are embarrassed that we have so little control over what is crossing into our nation right now and they don’t want the American public to have pictures or video of this failure, and this ultimately hurts the public and limits the knowledge they have. The public has a right to know what is really going on here,” said Spratte.


Another Border Patrol agent working in the area spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity. The agent said the public information officers are the only ones allowed to speak with media. “They get their talking points from Washington, D.C., from high level political appointees, and they have to strictly adhere to what they are told to say. This is why it is vital that journalists have access to these areas without the oversight of the federal government,” said the agent.


Breitbart Texas spoke on the matter with the NBPC Local 3307 vice president, Chris Cabrera. He said, “It seems the service at the station or sector level is trying to hide something. Management is sending out emails to agents and intimidating them and trying to restrict the information journalists can obtain. This is a testament to how unsecured the border actually is.”


“Leadership in Washington has consistently told the public that the border is secure or secured enough. This crisis exposes the lack of the truth in those statements and journalists have played a vital role in informing the public,” Cabrera continued. “Had those photos not been leaked and published, we’d still be at square one and there would be no attention down here. Journalists being prohibited from accessing areas to take photos and video of the river border is detrimental. This leaves the public to make decisions based solely upon the official line from Washington.” He added, “Not only do Americans as a whole deserve better, but Border Patrol agents themselves are dependent upon the public understanding what they are dealing with.”


Shawn Moran, the NBPC vice president from the national office, spoke to Breitbart Texas on the matter as well. He largely agreed with Cabrera and said, “The more that CBP [Customs and Border Protection] tries to restrict the media and public attention from this issue, the more it appears they have something to hide.”

When the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Union cries foul, you can bet fouls are running amok. His agency is losing credibility with the American public, and restricting media coverage isn’t helping.

More proof: when a Local Union V.P. says that Americans deserve better than to rely “solely upon the official line from Washington” one knows for a certainty that orders to prohibit press coverage have come from the Oval Office.

How many children would fit in the Oval Office, I wonder?

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We’re making room for whom?





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