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Obama Loses Another One – Hobby Lobby Wins!


Last week the US Supreme Court gave President Obama a 9-0 shellacking on his “recess appointments” and today they found in favor of Hobby Lobby v ObamaCare.

The bottom line is that closely held corporations like Hobby Lobby are exempt from the employer contraception mandate in ObamaCare.  Owners of a corporation – a closely held corporation – are entitled to an exemption on moral grounds based on their religious beliefs.

This exemption does not apply to a widely held corporation like General Electric.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Monday that some corporations can hold religious objections that allow them to opt out of the new health law requirement that they cover contraceptives for women.

The justices’ 5-4 decision is the first time that the high court has ruled that profit-seeking businesses can hold religious views under federal law. And it means the Obama administration must search for a different way of providing free contraception to women who are covered under objecting companies’ health insurance plans.

Take special note of the last sentence.  You can bet the farm that Obama, etal will be on the hunt for a new way to make sure Sandra Fluke can remain a slut and not have to pay for the privilege.


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